The Flamethrower That Fits In Your Pocket

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Obligatory DO WANT. Now I can cook marshmallows anytime I want! Soon my pet, soon I will feed you the world!

Isn't that Isaac Clarke's flamethrower?

from the look of that video (to me at least), that pocket flamethrower looks like a Nintendo Zapper.


That pun was very well done.

I was worried you were gonna burn me. >.>

Needs liquid fuel and a smaller spread, you do want some distance when setting someone alight... not that you should, just saiyan.

Call me a hipster, but I thought of this idea when I was 14-15. I even made a flamethrower gun from some workshop classses I had, although it could only lit small match fires instead of a giant stream of fire.
Should had patented it, I tell ya.

Captcha: Ersedar called

What did he say, master?

Everyone has thought of this idea. It's up there with "Open World Zombie Game" on the list of things everybody has thought of at least once.

Hey, thats my lighter :3

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