What's Inside Minecraft's Creepers?

What's Inside Minecraft's Creepers?

Performing an autopsy on a dead Creeper just seems like a bad idea.

The green guys who always seem to get into your perfectly crafted compound or hide around corners in deep shafts in Minecraft are an enigma. Where do creepers come from? Why are they green? Why do they emit that terrible "SSSSSS" sound right before they blow up? Well, thanks to a claymation video by YouTube user "leehardcastle" depicting a super top-secret government autopsy of a deceased but as yet un-exploded creeper, we might know the answer to that last question.

Be warned, the following video is not for the faint of heart and contains some harsh language.

Dr. Russ is an affable chap, but he discovers not only why creepers blow up, but that the hissing sound comes from a burning fuse leading to a bundle of dynamite. That's why a dead creeper is the best source for gunpowder in Minecraft.

Now, why they sometimes drop music discs is anybody's guess. Perhaps another autopsy is in order.


Nice, now all we need is a high pressure hose to blow a hole through it and put out the flames.

Well that was an amusing little video right before dinner. Good thing I have a strong stomach and am unfased by such mild clay-dynamite induced gore.

Btw, Minecraft's gone gold today, will be released friday, or so PcGamer states:


Way to stick it to 'em creeper.

That's not an autopsy, you lunatic!


duly noted (splash splash blergh)

Children's tears and sorrow.

Wow, wasn't expecting it to be that gorey but pretty cool :D


One, that explains everything, and

Two, he got my subscription.

But the creeper can hiss multiple times before exploding...

Greg Tito:

Dr. Russ

He does mention in the description it's Dr. Ross.

Little bit more gooey than I imagined them on the inside.

Huh. I always imagined that creepers were like russian dolls.

I was eating crackers when I watched this.

...I'm still eating somehow...

Cutting up a creeper

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Greg Tito:
a burning fuse leading to a bundle of dynamite. That's why a dead creeper is the best source for gunpowder

I am probably the only one that is bothered by the fact that dynamite does not contain gunpowder in it.

Really great. I loved the handheld camera bit at the beginning. Never seen that with stop-motion animation.


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