Spike Debuts Cruel Metal Gear Solid Rising Ad

Spike Debuts Cruel Metal Gear Solid Rising Ad

In its quest to promote the 2011 iteration of the Spike TV Video Game Awards, the network has opted to blatantly toy with our emotions.

Ladies, gentlemen, let me tell you a story.

This morning I woke up, fresh-faced, ready to start the day and as is my wont, I logged onto my Gmail account to check the daily correspondence. Spam, bills, spam, pornographic spam; for the most part, this batch of electronic mail was like any other. At least until I stumbled upon an email promising a new teaser for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Rising.

Excited, I glanced over at the sender field, only to notice that it came from Spike TV's PR folk. Momentarily confused, I mumbled something about Konami taking a really circuitous route in getting this thing to me. Still, I pressed on. I was gonna see cyborg ninja action! Can you blame me for my excitement?

Sadly, that excitement lasted all of 15 seconds -- which, if you've already hit "play" on the clip embedded above, you'll recognize as the total run-time for this "special sneak preview" of the wildly anticipated stealth-action title.

Less "in-depth view of the game" and more "straight up advertisement for the awards show," this clip somehow proved less fulfilling than the aforementioned pornographic spam. Granted, I can't really fault Spike here. The email described the video as a teaser, and this video certainly teased me.

I can't really recommend watching the clip to fans of the series. Those who do will just feel used and a bit dirty. That said, it is a nice indicator of your feelings on Spike TV as a whole. If you see that clip and your prejudices toward the network's target demographic (and its inherent allegiance to all things Axe Body Spray) is washed away in a sudden, intense desire to catch the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards, then congratulations, you fell for it.

On the bright side, when you do watch the awards show, and the actual trailer for Metal Gear Solid Rising appears, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, and quip wittily to your nearest pal that despite all the emotionally-crushing build-up, the clip still delivered more actual gameplay than Metal Gear Solid 4.


Or I could just wait for the trailer's release on YouTube. I wouldn't have to put up with some sh*tty award ceremony that way.

Wait, what? But Kojima is not a buxom woman being paid to very badly feign interest in gaming! Are you sure that you've got the right channel?


That was the same footage that was at E3 like two years ago! I recognise it!

On a side note, why are they constantly referring to it as "the truth about Metal Gear Solid Rising"? What, like it's actually got gameplay or something?


Too short, but given that it's an Ad for a Metal Gear game, it's at least a step in the right direction.

I like how they shortened the original trailer that's exactly the same and shows nothing new and then brand it as a "teaser".

last time i checked movie trailers had around 3-4 along with 2-3 teaser trailers that all featured different scenes.

I love the irony of that teaser. Metal Gear Solid games have always had cinematics that last longer than the director's cut of Lord of The Rings, yet they can't spare 1 minute of the actual footage?

I hope the truth about MGS: Rising is that we don't play as Raiden, but as Snake. Snake? Snaaaaaaaaake!

"The Truth about Metal Gear Rising".

"We realized we actually don't want to be a game company anymore. RISING will instead just be a movie. If you want any interaction, then go buy some popcorn and eat it, or throw it at the screen. The movie, in typical Metal Gear fashion, will last 9 hours, of which 8 hours will be spent confusing you and repeating things you already know. The other 1 hour will be the credits."

For all my jests, I still love me some Metal Gear Solid, in spite of it's burning desire to slap the controller out of my hands and make me watch long-winded cutscenes. Yeah, that Psycho Mantis fight was just THAT good.

Right, where have I seen this before? I'm sure I... oh. E3. Of course. Nothing new, I'll watch the full trailer on Youtube when its available, cheese ham onion sandwich with mayonnaise.

...sorry about that, thats what I do when I'm hungry; put what I want to eat the most at the end of my sentences, cup noodles.

...God I'm hungry, fried scorpion.

I have to say that I loved that little "ad." It did what it was supposed to do and that was tease the game and hope people will watch the video game awards to see the actual trailer.

But this is part of a bigger teaser, that was showed over a year ago... i remember it perfectly...

It even had some gameplay, of the cyborg ninja using the sword to fence of enemies, cut pillars, bullet-time slicing and wattermelon cutting.

If i recall it was a mechanic that was going to be used on the MOVE control...

So yeah... this is not new...

Earnest Cavalli:
the clip still delivered more actual gameplay than Metal Gear Solid 4.

What, like it's actually got gameplay or something? BAZINGA!

Ouch, I can feel the burn from here!

But seriously, I played MGS4 twice and I don't actually remember playing it at all...

I'm not even sure how much I care about MGS anymore. 1, 2 and 3 were awesome and I doubt you can really top them, certainly not with Raiden.

Hold on, I thought Kojima wasn't working on Rising because he was busy on Peace Walker during the bulk of its development. I could be wrong.

Hold on, I thought Kojima wasn't working on Rising because he was busy on Peace Walker during the bulk of its development. I could be wrong.

Well, Peace Walker was brought to us nigh upon a year and a half ago, considering we have heard fuck all about about Rising the past 2 years i wouldnt be surprised to hear that Kojima checked up on the games pogress then went into a OCD overdrive and taking control of the project again.

And at the end of it, I suppose i shall look forward to seeing what plotholes Rising will fill out, and what new plotholes it will create.

As much as I'm intrigued by the gameplay, I don't see how the story can have the same magnitude as Snake's journey.

Then again, I didn't think Kojima would have broken the fourth wall countless times but the history of the series speaks for itself.

Unlike most (it seems) I don't have an inherent problem with Raiden - i thought he stood as a nice juxtaposition to Snake's personality and I'm looking forward to seeing how Kojima further humanises him.


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