Paperboy Tows Piano, We Are Amused

Paperboy Tows Piano, We Are Amused

Look, I can't really explain why this clip is so entertaining. You're just going to have to see it for yourself.

Alright, let's try to break this down.

We have a classic videogame (Paperboy 2, for those keeping score at home), a tiny prop piano taped to the screen, a scrolling effect that gives the illusion of movement and some dude in the background making noises and shaking a piece of cardboard. Y'know, actually it makes even less sense when you take the time to think it through.

But, I'm a professional. I can totally generate topical conversation based on a video that may very well only be hilarious to me and three other people.

Alright, so compare this clip -- this incredibly low budget, amateur clip -- to something like this recent professionally animated trailer for Lego: Harry Potter. Which clip do you prefer? Which clip suddenly fills you with a desire to play its respective game? Which clip actually inspires genuine human emotion?

I'm not demanding that you laugh along with Paperboy's piano towing adventure, I'm just asking that you examine your feelings about what makes a quality gaming video. Is it big budget effects, or simple human ingenuity?

(And if you don't believe any of that, let's blame this all on the calendar. Internet quality standards go right out the window on Friday.)

Source: GameSetWatch


Damn, That kid is strong. Why doesn't he work as a mover instead? He would make more money that way. :P

OT: That made me lol.

After centuries as a delivery boy, nothing surprises me.

*Looks behind to see giant piano tied to his bike*


Now this actually made me laugh.

I laughed, and I was thoroughly amused.

The dude making the noises alone made me chuckle.

I want a Paperboy FPS

I have wanted to play Paperboy since its inception. This makes me want to play it all the more.

And, did he just get teabagged by a ghost?


What did I just watch,and why did I enjoy it?

For whatever reason, that video had me burst out in to a fit of laughter.

...Are you a wizard?

Well I didn't need to see over a minute of it but I was laughing for the first 30 seconds or so. And I do want to play Paperboy now...

That... That was the most hilarious thing I've seen all year.

This is so dumb , I couldn't help but to laugh eventually. XD so incredibly hilarious.

...And I don't know why!

Alright, you win this time.

After watching that kid break windows with the notoriously thin Tuesday newspaper, snap tombstones (or barricades or something) in two, move as fast as a motorcycle, and avoid literal Death just to complete his paper route, nothing surprises me. That kid could give Superman a run for his money.

I... I can't stop watching this. It's just so ridiculous, but so amusing. And it goes on and on, and it's even varied... I'm particularly fond of the close up of the piano rattling... A masterpiece of ridiculosity.

When he crossed the finish line, and the bike jumped up without the rope tied to the back, the illusion was broken.

Now I'm sad.

I'll just watch it again and be sure to stop before the 1:05 mark.

Now I'm happy again!!

Well, that was entertaining.

Also, there is nothing, AND I MEAN NOTHING (!!!), that would make me feel like playing any of those lego games.

And hollywood spends over a hundred million dollars on a good movie... they should take some notes from this guy

Good god this seems like something that would entertain a 6 year old but I was laughing all the way through.

Maturity why hath thou forsaken me.

The piano being destroyed at the end is what makes it.

I don't know why, but I think we should make a TV show out of this. Think of the possibilities!

The level of detail required by somebody to take a well made piano miniature and then systematically destroy it scene by scene, with every tiny detail cared for, can only be described as the work of a master.

Catering to the stoner crowd much? I prefer this

Poor paper guy didn't know what hit him.


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