Square Enix Wants a New Final Fantasy Every Year

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Omnific One:


Square Enix makes mediocre games that sell. As bad as Final Fantasy XIII was, it sold 6 million copies. That's alot of money.

It was riding the nostalgia wave. I expect XIII-2 to sell under 4.5 million copies; gonna be a lot harder to convince people this time.

Plus 13 had a very long dev period, even if it didn't come out as expected. Imagine what will happen if they do the same thing, but compressed down to one year dev time. Not pretty.

I think that extremely long dev cycle doomed the game. Even if it were the second coming of Morrowind(LOL), expectations were too high. How many times have you heard people say "we waited 5 years for this?"

People didn't like Final Fantasy VIII, that's ok though because IX was only a year behind it.

Yeah, if they want a long dev cycle, they need to make sure what they are doing is what the fans really want. Otherwise, they are just shooting themselves in the foot.

I love the pic they used on the main page as thumbnail.Those kids look like it's animated Jersey Shore.

Heh, good one Square. You have a worse punctual-game-release track record than Valve, and even then, your games aren't nearly as good... currently.

That sounds like a pretty tall order -- Call of Duty games are pretty short (and let's face it, they don't seem to do an excessive amount of work updating the multiplayer each time) but Final Fantasy games are ridiculously long with lots of high high budget kinematics these days.

What they don't realize is we don't want another Final Fantasy game. We want Kingdom Hearts 3 on console!!

but what do Final Fantasy fans really want: consistency or innovation?

Noting that I don't really fall into that camp, the reviews I've read have suggested that Square/Enix hasn't especially succeeded in producing either on the schedule it's been working on now.

I suppose if they're embracing the Unreal engine, there's some hope that certain problems that have to be re-addressed with every issue would fall away, but it sounded to me like they also needed to address that the last regular game barely seemed to have been made with player input in mind. If they regularly stamp out games in that mold, the result is likely to be spectacularly depressing for customers and their sales department alike.

Ugh. Final Fantasy X was one of the first games I ever got truly into and the wait was worth it for XII. I've always loved the stories and the way the gameplay gets mixed up slightly or a lot. There's no way Square can stuff as much depth, complexity, and emotion into the series if they start pumping out a new installment every year.

You know, the people who write the stories are not the people who make the game? There are separate people who concentrate on writing the story. It doesn't take that long to write a great story. Also, a game made today could be using a story written 5 years ago that's been sitting in a file cabinet. Who says they aren't already writing a story for Final Fantasy XVI and have plenty of time to do so?

It's always amazed me how quickly a weekly tv show can consistently come up with great stories week after week, that seems like such a small amount of time but it works out.

This is one instance where it seems that more of the player base is asking, not for innovation or even a new game, they want a return to the glory days.

So... what if Square releases an 8-bit rpg next year?

Good! I am glad they are doing this, nail in the coffin, Things went down hill after Hironobu Sakaguchi left anyways.

I want square to fail, because in their death throws they will release a remake of FF7 to stay a float, which will be cool.


Okay, so Ubisoft is close to managing one new Assassin's Creed per year. Does that mean everyone should? Fuck, no. I honestly don't want to imagine what a rushed JRPG would look like. The last one was a corridor-crawling mess. I'd much rather wait two years, or even five, for a new entry to come out. Seeing as every FF game stands as its own beast, they need time to construct the universe, establish the lore and generally create a decent universe. Pare that down to twelve-month development cycles and we'll start seeing more incomprehensible bullshit à la FF13.

So the only thing Final Fantasy has going for it, that it isn't a copy-paste, is going to become a copy-paste... and so dies a significant portion of my childhood.


But hey, maybe being under a tight schedule will force them to innovate and change things up. Or maybe not. We shall see.

Innovation and a tight schedule worked out well for Dragon Age II!

Oh, shit, my sarcasm-meter just exploded.

Are you kidding, we went from a mediocre, party based, story driven WRPG to a dating simulator! That's innovation, LOL.

Well, if they can manged to keep the old quality and make a game per year, I have nothing against it.
But if they will just make the same game over and over again, change the textures a bit and sell it for a full price, no thanks.

It all depends on the quality. IMO, quality>quantity. Unfortunately, that's not the case in this industry. Some time ago it was, but now....
And as much as I try, I can't imagine some developer who would be able to give us a great experience once a year.

The only thing left is to simply hope they will change their mind.

Oi! square. fps =/= rpg. By default a good rpg takes WAY longer to make then a good fps, it´s just simple facts. Cranking out a new FF every year is only going to send the series even further down on the list...

Bobby Kotick approves. Which means you're doing it wrong.

I think this video sums up my reaction.

I don't mind the direction Square-Enix are going but one new FF a year? That'll just kill the series, which admittedly is getting stupidly long in the tooth.

Actually, why the hell not?

If western franchises can indeed churn out sequels at a steady rate and each sequel earns more regardless, with no apparent burnout effect (against all logic), then why shouldn't Square Enix have a go too?

Business logic FTW and I say that unironically because it clearly does work, look at kotick, ya all hate him but he sleeps on a pile of money surrounded by lots of beautiful naked women.

Oh, the Activision approach, that's good.

Now THAT'S a Fantasy

I see what you did there!


Edit: why the hell did I put OT? Force of habit...

if they can keep the quality up why not
AC managed to do just that
and FFXIII-2 looks amazing even though the short schedule

but seeing ff "fans" today the thing they hate most is innovation
i mean we got a brand new innovative combat system and let's face it there has never been any ff so linear... and somehow that's what all the people complain about

FFXIII-2 will be pretty much the antithesis to its prequel and i bet people are still not gonna like it...

Quantity over quality.
Money over art.

F*ck you video game industry.

Quantity over quality.
Money over art.

F*ck you video game industry.

Sorry, you need to buy a $60 a month pass before you can go online to insult them, and need to buy any swear-words through DLC. Be sure to buy new, not pre-owned, or our manager will rip your balls off (because he lost his porshe).

*Smashes Desk*


And thus, the world inches closer to the end of all things......

Even with separate teams working on each game, the chances of a stellar game being made with only a YEAR of development time are slim. Dragon Age II is a debatable example of how a year-long development time does NOT a good game make.

Square we want good games not rushed games like FF 1-10

It's ironic that a series that features a new world and story in each "sequel" and should theoretically be accessible to new fans is somehow more inaccessible than most comic book series.

This is actually a pretty good idea.

Hear me out. Assuming they let different teams inside the company handle every other installment (like the Infinity Ward/Treyarch setup), they could make it easier to tell which Final Fantasy games will be worth your time. People who like Toriyama's horrible characters and horrible stories get to play those games, and people who like literally anything else get to play those games just a year later (or earlier).

The result could be more Square-Enix games by different creators. Possibly even creators who don't love their own writing so much they bash you over the head with it. I know this assuming a lot, but I'm sure it will work better than their current model. After all, what are they doing now? Where's Versus? Is Type-0 coming over here? I'd rather have a decent Final Fantasy on the off years than get a terrible one every three years.

Then again, they might just mean that all the games will be handled by the same studio on incredibly short schedules. If that's the case, this plan will crash hard. Do they really hate money enough to try it?

Granted, they did try FFXIV...


I want a new, good Final Fantasy when it should be ready, which is about every 3 years.

Actually, maybe Square has a point. They need to stop the trend of generating massive hype for games with forgettable stories which cannot possibly meet fan anticipation, and get back to the sort of development cycles that were seen for PS1 Final Fantasy titles. That way peoples' disappointment is reduced, and less attention is paid to graphics and elaborate overhauls. We might just start seeing better games.

I don't see a problem with this each Final Fantasy game is very different, all you need is a guy named Cid in a random fantasy land and a airship bingo Final Fantasy, and that would keep the series from getting old like other games tend to with this release schedule. In fact they could just change a few names in there other RPGs and it be able to pass as a Final Fantasy game.

Funny how it was named Final Fantasy because the developer thought it was their last game. Now they can't stop making them.

The problem with the CoD comparison is that the games are mostly just expansion packs. There is some new campaign stuff and tweaks to the multi-player, but there's not a whole lot that needs to be done. With less to do, there is shorter turn around.

Final Fantasy games have, I think, suffered from rushing. I think more frequent releases would just mean poorer quality FF games.

so we are officially admitting that there is nothing final about final fantasy?

Oh God. When I said "Final Fantasy XXXVIII", I was KIDDING, dammit!

Oh well. They still don't release most of them for PC, so its not like I have to play them.

Because that's just what we need: another single game template franchise like Call of Duty.

so we are officially admitting that there is nothing final about final fantasy?

That was obvious 20 years ago.

Shark Wrangler:
I'll tell you what they need to do, leave Final Fantasy alone and work on these damn games instead.

1. Einhander 2

2. Another Chrono trigger or Chrono Cross

3. Secret of Evermore 2

4. Another Secret of Mana or Legend of Mana game

Yes I would like very much to see that happen. The last decent Final Fantasy was IX.

Number of good final fantasy games = 10. Number of good final fantasy games made by square enix = 0. GO AWAY SQUARE ENIX.

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