Take the "Christmas Movies" Quiz!

Take the "Christmas Movies" Quiz!


Gather around the family television for some classic Christmas movies with this week's quiz!

Well, there's no avoiding it now, December is upon us and there's only a short time left before Christmas day. If you're fortunate to get all your shopping and holiday plans sorted out, you've probably set aside some time to catch up with a good holiday film or two. So for this week, we here at the Escapist have come up with a quiz on some of best and classical Christmas movies to hit the silver screen! How many of these Christmas movies have you seen?

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You'll have as long as you like to take the quiz, and can retake it until you get 100%. Just remember your cumulative time will affect your position on the leaderboard.


100%, YATAH!!

I'm actually amazed at that as I never really pay attention to christmas. But I'm glad you put Joyeux Noel in there, bloody good film!

Damn, I missed question number 6. Got all the others. Though most of them were pretty easy. I didn't even know there was a movie based on that event.

You could honestly make a quiz based off "who said that" in A Christmas Story. It's that quotable.

I got %70 in 1:07. Never watched many Christmas movies, except for Die Hard and It's A Wonderful Life.

Die Hard and It's a Wonderful Life...

I scored 100%, with 10 of 10 correct on The Escapist's The Christmas Movie Quiz!.
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Whoo hoo! Only took me 2 tries, well 3 because the quiz malfunctioned.

Way too easy for me.

Still 100% is a YAY! and I suppose its a christmas present of sorts. Maybe.

90% but then again half of them I was kind of guessing (love Nightmare Before Christmas but the rest I had seen maybe once or twice...oh well)

Teacher says that every time I get 100% on a quiz, an angel gets his wings.

Congratulations Clarence old boy, Merry Christmas.

EDIT: Glad to see two of my favorite yule time films got a mention, Diehard and Joe Dantes's classic. But no Bad Santa? A shame.

Missed the WW1 question due to never seeing Joyeux Noel.

100%! W00T!

Although I was a bit unsure as to whether the Batman one was Batman Returns or the one w/ the subtitle at the time.

Damnit. I should be in the top 10, but I couldn't remember the name of the ww1 christmas truce movie, despite the fact that I've seen it.


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