Analyst Values Team Fortress 2 Hat Trade at $50 Million

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Makes me wonder how much my Bill's Hat and Vintage Football Helmet are worth.

Bill's hat is worth about $10. Vintage football helmet isn't worth much, maybe a couple bucks tops.

You could say that these milliners
*puts on sunglasses*
Are millionaires

Quite worrying when a single game makes more money than the GDP of Tuvalu... seriously, Tuvalu's annual GDP is 31,000,000, so TF2 is making more money than a country...

Not only a scam but a 52.7 million dollar scam.

I sold my sunbeams Bonnk Boy about a week ago for:
A sunbeams cosa nostra cap, haunted ghosts texas ten gallon, some dungeon defenders DLC, a bud, and a copy of Skyrim.

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