Nintendo Patches Skyward Sword with Dedicated Wii Channel

Nintendo Patches Skyward Sword with Dedicated Wii Channel


The Zelda Data Restoration Channel is available today to fix damaged save files.

There's a weird bug in Nintendo's biggest game of the year Skyward Sword that basically breaks the story progression of Link's quest near its conclusion. Without dipping into spoiler territory, Nintendo released a guide (site seems borked, might have to view a cached copy) on how to work around the bug so players could complete the game. Many people were skeptical that any kind of patch would be possible for those who unwittingly messed up their game. Nintendo's Wii infrastructure doesn't have easy provisions for patching like its console brethren the PS3 and the Xbox 360, although with a game as big as Zelda you'd think Nintendo would have its top men working on a solution other than to start over, nooch. Apparently, the solution is to offer a free download of a dedicated Wii channel from the store called the "Zelda Data Restoration Channel."

Once that channel is downloaded, all you have to do is fire it up and follow the onscreen instruction to repair your save game. Sounds pretty easy.

Of course, that solution only works if you are connected to the internet and can download the channel from the Wii Shopping channel. For those of you without an internet connection (how are you reading this then, by the way?), you can mail your Skyward Sword save game on an SD card to Nintendo and they will fix it for you.

Find more details on the whole debacle on Nintendo's page. The Japanese-to-English translation from Google's codemonkeys is entertaining enough for the click through.

"Thank you for your patronage of Nintendo products all the time." You're welcome.

Source: Andria Sang


It's a weird and round-about way of getting it done, but at least they have a solution that is easy to use. Now if only Skyrim's questlines could be fixed sometime soon... >.>

Thats... actually quite a good work around of the wii's limitations. Good job Nintendo.

I like that you can actually mail them the save file and they'll fix it for you. Very 90's.
I guess it's well done to even get this fix to work, hopefully the WiiU won't be designed so short-sightedly.

The fact that you can mail them the save file and they'll fix it for you, man I suddenly started respecting Nintendo significantly more than I used to.

What exactly was the game breaking bug anyway? Did they do the song of the Hero out of the normal order of Forest, Desert, Mountain?

That's kind of impressive. They found a way around the limitations they intentionally put in. Though, it's not like they've got a large plethora of bugs in their games that need patching, now that I think about it. They seemed to have found a rare case of magic, where they don't have bugs. But, for the one they've found, I think the solution presented is pretty reasonable.

... Huh. You know, I'm surprised.

That they can't patch anything seems to have bitten them in the ass more than once now... But clearly, they've come up with a workaround that isn't too unreasonable.

As for needing an internet connection... Well, at least you can send the file off on an SD card.

I mean, if you have to actually patch a game on a console that also requires an internet connection right?

this is certainly a more elegant solution than the one that they used for 'Other M'.

How exactly did anyone run into this bug? I thought the game directed you to the forest area first? Or was that just me?


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