Game Of Thrones RPG Details Emerge

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The Animation looks a bit... Stiff... But overall, I'm excited!

Eh. Seeing how every single western RPG that doesn't have Bioware or Bethesda (EDIT: Yeah, Dragon Age 2, whatever, moving on) attached to it has turned out this year, and after Genesis, I'm not getting my hopes up. I expect to be not at all surprised when it gets average reviews for being too short and having repetitive combat.

Unless it ends up being awesome, but hey, the only way I'll be surprised is in a good way.

Um, The Witcher 2 and Deus Ex come to mind, and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Whether or not this game is any good is one thing (I think at the very least it's keeping a consistent atmosphere with the show), but it's been a pretty damn good year for RPGs, Dragon Age 2 aside.


On the other other hand, GRRM was involved with A Feast for Crows.

A Feast for Crows I can forgive. A Doze with Dragons, on the other hand...

You'd best be taking that back 'cuz dems fightin' words. I personally found Dance to be a great read (although I will concede it could be boring at times), but having different opinions is ok too.

I will be keeping my expectations low, as Cyanide isn't known for making quality games, but I still somewhat hope it will do the books justice.


And GoT even looks a bit like The Witcher 2 (without all the sex).

Are you sure we are talking about the same Game of Thrones?

Without all the sex? Have you read the books? They double as fapping material at times! Unless you are referring to the Wither 2 in which case the same applies...

There's sex in the books and there's sex in the TV series, but I was referring to the trailer for the game, which has no sex in it (as opposed to the very first trailer for The Witcher 2).

EDIT: Sorry I unnecessarily spammed your inbox, three other people had already said the same thing!

I didn't get notifications of those previous quotes, so no problem.

Ugh. I'm calling it folks, this game will either be a complete flop, or disappointingly average.

Gunna have to agree with your prediction, I don't think this is gunna work out right.

I'm tentatively optimistic that they can pull this off. I've heard that Genesis was a massive let down so hopefully they've taken the critisism onboard for this one.

It's a pity that Genesis turned out so mediocre as I've always thought SoIaF fit into the RTS genre quite nicely.

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