GameStop Turns Old iPods into Gold

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Gamestop is starting to look like a chain of glorified pawn shops to me.

As long as people still get their products, what does it matter?

Those few year old gadgets lose so much worth in so little time because they are Apple's. They aren't worth the price in the first place.

And how the fuck did the iPod revolutionize music? There where mp3 player several years before that. There where walkmans.

For fucks shake people, turn on the gray mass in your heads and get it already. Apple didn't do ANYTHING revolutionizing. They just take something already existing, add their logo, a bit of the black shiny plastic and sell it 5 times more expensive.

I imagine they test em, clean em up, reset em to factory settings, and send em to stores.

(They better do, I've heard a few tales of people buying phones, laptops etc preowned, only for little jimmy to find the porn folder :D )

It's not an iThing, but I just moved from a monochrome, call n text only nokia, to a refurbed Samsung Galaxy i5500 android phone, cost me £20+£10 in credit.

They're still being sold new for around £80.

I think a lot of it is down to a group of people who simply must have the latest in everything, I'm not going to really criticise them, as early adopters are essential for greater technological progress, but damn they do seem to have more money than sense.

I'm always a couple of years or a generation behind, and don't feel I really miss out.
I just got my new phone, and my 360 came this year, along with my flat screen TV, I'm running an older style quad core PC, not an i3 or i7, and a £40 video card, and I seem to be able to play anything, just maybe not with every slider at max.

In doing so, I've not spent a million quid on shiny gadgets.

I'm all for new tech, but if you want to save some money, being slightly behind the curve aint so bad, and the tech to price curve gets pretty damn steep near the cutting edge.

Doesn't apple have very strict rules about who can sell their devices? I remember a story about a radio station being in trouble with apple because they were giving away ipads or something. Surely they can't sell used istuff just like that, almighty apple wants you to buy NEW.


GameStop is an authorized Apple reseller. If they are not then they will be sued.

If gamestop needed to be authorized to resell, they wouldn't exist. Every publisher would follow suit, destroying Gamestop from the inside out.

I am afraid I do not understand what you mean. Their are other companies that are authorized Apple resellers. Best Buy is one for example.

I am a market researcher, who doesn't work for Game Stop or Apple, but am interested in people's experience with this; have you tried to turn in an iDevice? Got a fair price (you think)? Think you could have done better on eBay or Craigslist? BestBuy or Radio Shack? Or think it's worth saving the hassle to get a few bucks for an old item?

I'd be pleased to have any comment. And thanks, gamers!

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