Kickstarter Sitcom Infects Real Life With Videogames

Kickstarter Sitcom Infects Real Life With Videogames

Do you wish life was more like a videogame? After watching the trailer for Glitch, you should be glad this isn't actually the case.

At one point or another, it's probably safe to assume that all of us have wished life was more like a videogame. However, the trailer for Glitch, a new sitcom that's being funded on Kickstarter, shows just how quickly this kind of scenario can go very, very wrong. Oh, and it also looks pretty funny and interesting.

Glitch is set to tell the story of the titular main character, who suddenly finds his world infected with all the worst elements of a videogame. According to the project's description, it's a fairly cute premise:

Glitch is the story of a twenty-something video game tester who is in something of a funk -- his job isn't what he wants, he's under-appreciated, and he's having a nicely timed quarterlife crisis. So he makes a wish at an odd moment: That his life was more like a video game. And because this is a comedy show, it comes true! However, there's a catch. The wish does not make Glitch's life super awesome or exciting. Instead, 8-bit and old-school video game glitches start to infect his daily life, getting in his way, making him see and do things no one else is able to understand.

So, in short, the show Glitch is about a character named Glitch who starts experiencing glitches in real life: All of a sudden, strangers begin to have interaction buttons floating over their heads, people on the street look identical ("as if they were all rendered from the same 'hobo avatar'"), and the trailer scene where Glitch gets stuck in a wall causes him to miss his first real date in a year.

If you're curious about the show, head on over to its official website to learn some more and watch some extra short movies starring the main characters. Currently, the Kickstarter project has raised just over $4,000 of its $5,500 goal and it still has thirteen days to go; it's probably safe to assume that the project will end up reaching its funding goal fairly soon.

Also, I dare you not to grin when you read these words again: Hobo Avatar.

Source: Kickstarter


Okay, the trailer looks alright however it doesn't seem as interesting as the other real-life meets video games videos that are floating around on the internets. Also a sitcom called Glitch about a guy named Glitch who experiences glitchs in life? Hmm. Ingenious, /sarcasm.

Meh. It looks cute, but it can go very wrong very easily. I can just see it scraping at the bottom of the barrel looking for vidoegame related jokes. It'll just get tired, boring, and canceled before the second season. But hey, I've been wrong before. I'll keep an eye on it but I'll also be very cautious.

They'd be better off making a bunch of skits as opposed to a sitcom. I just don't see this working, especially since it's not that funny in the first place.

When he says "More like video games" what he means is:
More like Soul Caliber[1]

[1] just without Yoda breaking the game

General Michi:

I was just about to do that!

But yeah, this sound a bit like Doomsday Arcade. Not that that's a bad thing. Hopefully it's as good.

I'm not sure about the longevity of this.

A single episode would work, but a full series...

We'll see. Something original, have to give that.

I'm not sure about the longevity of this.

A single episode would work, but a full series...

We'll see. Something original, have to give that.

The first season is slated for only 6 episodes. The stuff they've done so far is pretty funny, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on it.

Ooh look! Real life with retro game mechanics! That hasn't been fucking done before!

Seriously, this era of gaming is ancient. There's a niche market for these things, but almost every video-game parody set in real life does it with this same-old retro style that hasn't been mainstream in decades. Why not delve into RPG tropes? Inventory management, levelling up, min/maxing, dialogue options, dialogue wheels, and so forth?



Also, I dare you not to grin when you read these words again: Hobo Avatar.

Someone's prog-rock garage band has just been named.


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