Take an Adventure With One of Our Own

Take an Adventure With One of Our Own


If you're a regular visitor of this site, you're probably aware that The Escapist has some pretty talented writers on its staff, but one of them has a deep dark secret: He writes novels, too. News Contributor Mike Kayatta has just published his Diaspora Trilogy, an adventure/sci fi trio of tales. Book One, John Gone is your introduction to the series' hero, John Popielarski, who finds a watch that will let him teleport anywhere in the world, but will also eventually kill him if he can't find a way to get rid of it.

You can snag John Gone for Kindle or Nook for just $.99, though the second and third parts of the trilogy are each $2.99. Of course, you can also buy the physical copies if you prefer. Visit the trilogy's site for more information and to check out the cover art for all three books. Oooohh....purty.

In addition to being a News Contributor (and member of the Mighty Corgi Army), Mike "27, lives in Florida, currently has one (somewhat terrible) screenplay optioned." He describes himself as a "rabid gamer, nerd, muppet enthusiast, and spatula owner."

I have about a dozen half-finished novels filling up a folder on my laptop, so I admire Mike's ability to see not just one, but three books through to completion. Congratulations, Mike!


Just wanted to say that I've read the first two books, and this series is a keeper. Good job, Mike!

I think I will check it out based on that pic alone! Looks awesome!

Ohhh, me want!

That would be a nice birthday present.

Awesome! I will definitely have to check the series out. This just confirms the high level of talent that the folks at the Escapist have.

For 99 cents it's not going to hurt to try it out.

Just got it for 77p. If it's not as good as I hear I will hunt you down for those pennies..

Pic reminds me of Beyond Good and Evil.

Congrats Mike! Best of luck!


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