Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Reprinted

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Reprinted


Wizards of the Coast is finally getting Advanced Dungeons & Dragons back on shelves.

For many gamers in the Old School Renaissance, the rules for Dungeons & Dragons as codified by Dave Arneson and written by Gary Gygax in the original "White Box" is the only way to play. Gygax later refined those rules and published them under the imprint of Tactical Studies Rules (or TSR) as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. TSR later moved on to 2nd edition in 1989 - and 3rd in 2000, 4th in 2008 and so on, check out the "The State of D&D" series for more on the history of the game) and no company was allowed to print older material. That is, until now. In conjunction with the Gygax Memorial Fund building a monument to the creator of D&D in his hometown of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the current copyright holders Wizards of the Coast are reprinting the three core rulebooks of AD&D - the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and the Monster Manual. The books will exclusively be sold in hobby game stores on April 17 for $34.95 each.

"In 1974, the world changed forever when Gary Gygax introduced the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The legacy of his innovative ideas and the extensive reach of his powerful influence can be seen in virtually every facet of gaming today," Wizards announcement read.

"To help honor his work and his memory, we created limited-edition reprints of the original 1st Edition core rulebooks." The new books have all of the artwork and text intact from the original printing, but feature a new cover created exclusively for this limited run of books. The new cover will likely allow Wizards' logo to be displayed instead of TSR's, but it's unclear from the announcement if the title will include words "1st edition" or "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons." The terms are interchangeable, but I can see reasons for and against using either of them.

The announcement of this reprinting is meant to garner respect with the Old School Renaissance as well as give game stores something to sell to offset the burden of carrying 4th edition until the next D&D iteration comes out. Wizards unfortunately made at least one misstep with the announcement. The Old School Renaissance considers Dave Arneson as a significant designer of D&D and many surmise that settlements between Gygax and Arneson demand both names should be listed as co-creators of the game, although the exact stipulations are unknown. A simple edit is all that is needed, as TSR-era designer Allen Varney put it in a Tweet addressed to Wizards of the Coast: "Your press release for the AD&D reprints credits Gygax as sole creator of D&D. Might want to mention Dave Arneson."

Look into getting all three books from your friendly local game store this April by using Wizards' handy Store Locator. As I've been reduced to viewing these rules only in PDF form, I will certainly purchase all three core books as soon as I can to offset any lingering pirate's guilt.

Source: Wizards of the Coast


Hmmm trying to generate good faith with your lost fans I assume? On that note, where is my Feat Compendium, Class/Prestige class Compendium and maybe Spell Compendium 2 for 3.5?

....Wizards, you're sucking up to us again. *sigh* What do you want this time?

Goddam ninja'd!. It's good to know that some of the cash raised will go to the GMF.

Zen Toombs:
....Wizards, you're sucking up to us again. *sigh* What do you want this time?

Just what they've always wanted. Your money. But honestly, isn't providing a desired product for money what companies are supposed to do? Better than George Lucas continually asking us to pay more money to watch him shit all over his best movies.

I've actually never seen the original rules. I may check them out just to know for myself. I still probably won't buy them, though, since I really can't afford it at this time.

I, really want this, 2nd edition was what got me into D&D, so it'd be like reliving my childhood. granted 3.5 is and will always be my favorite edition, but I'm not against handing Wizards my money for something like this.

Lol, I still have nearly every AD&D book ever made, other than a few dungeon booklets. I think I'm only missing like one core manual, but all of its information was included in another one that I do have. AD&D and 2nd edition are pretty much all I play, since Baldur's Gate introduced me to it and they use a slightly altered version of 2nd edition rules. Plus, I've always preferred the 2nd edition system to 3/3.5/4's, for some odd reason :P

I'd love to see them reprint the old whitebox edition.

I had the 3rd printing, way back when. (Destroyed by a house flood unfortunately) I remember spending hours as a kid just rolling and re-rolling magic swords, hoping to get an intelligent one.

Now that I look back, why I didn't just pick out the characteristics I wanted the sword to have, and roll for everything else, I don't know. Dumb Kid syndrome, I guess.


Zen Toombs:
....Wizards, you're sucking up to us again. *sigh* What do you want this time?

For you to eagerly and unquestioningly buy 5E when it launches.

Is that too much to ask?

There have been calls for an AD&D reprint for a good few years now. It's good that Wizards have finally decided it makes enough economic sense to actually do it. Shame it's a limited printing though - it makes me think that few copies will make it outside of the US.

I still have my originals, and while I could probably argue that other editions were better in play, the 1st ed DMG has BY FAR the best appendices of any source book that's been published since. The magic item lists, the treasure and encounter tables, the random dungeon generator...all classics. They feed into the first edition spirit of "lets roll up some characters (3d6 in order, then 5 minutes to pick class, race, and starting equipment), drop em in a dungeon, and see what happens."

I'm pretty excited about this. My friends and I just recently got into D&D and we haven't really enjoyed some aspects of the 4E rules.

Great, now I've got something else to complain about when it shows exactly how old I am. Coincidentally, I do already have the original AD&D hardcovers (all of them). It'll be interesting to see if they can reproduce them the way some of us 'older' gamers would like to see.

Funny thing here, this being a gaming site, the word 'gamers' is flagged as misspelled. =)

I'd have preferred a reprint of 2nd Ed myself, but this is a nice gesture. Good for you Wizards of the Coast! ^^

Zachary Amaranth:

Zen Toombs:
....Wizards, you're sucking up to us again. *sigh* What do you want this time?

For you to eagerly and unquestioningly buy 5E when it launches.

Is that too much to ask?


Always question the motives of companies; especially if they're owned by Hasbro.

I guess if it worked for White Wolf... >_>

WOTC can kiss my ass if they think i'm ever going to pay one penny to the people who turned D+D into a combat-centric MMO clone.

Besides I bought the books first time round anyway :)


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