The Indie Royale Gets Serious

The Indie Royale Gets Serious

Hold on to something heavy, kids, because the Indie Royale has unleashed the Serious Sam Lightning Pack!

If you're one of the many gamers who wasn't quite clear what all the hubbub over Serious Sam 3: BFE was all about, here's your chance to find out for less than the cost of a half-decent burger. The Serious Sam Lightning Pack, a five-plus-one collection of ridiculous action at a ridiculous price, is now available from the Indie Royale.

For a little over four bucks [the current minimum is $4.07] you get Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, Serious Sam: Double D and Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack, all commissioned by Serious Sam publisher Devolver Digital to lead up to the release of Serious Sam 3, and the classic Croteam shooters that started it all, Serious Sam: The First and Second Encounter. [Take note that these are the original First and Second Encounter releases, not the HD remakes.] Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter, a top-down 8-bit "demake," is also included as a bonus; Serious Sam 2 is not part of the bundle, probably because it sucked.

Like all Indie Royale bundles, the more people that buy it, the higher the minimum price goes, so if you want it cheap, get it early - but if you pay more, you can actually knock the minimum price down for your fellow gamers. The bundle provides download codes for Steam and Desura where applicable, although the Encounters are only available through Steam.

The way I see it, you can't have too much Serious Sam in your life, and a fiver for all this goofy mayhem is a pretty fantastic deal. But it's only up for a few more days, so get on it if you want it at


One of these years I'm going to find time to play the games I accumulate from these bundles...

This deal does not include the HD version. Well, that is kinda pointless then? Its still cheap though.

what is the greek encounter?

The current minimum is now $4.24.
Actually since they're low res digital copies, I might be able to run them on my laptop. I just don't know when I'll find the time.

Wow, finally an Indie Royale I won't feel bad about skipping. I've never liked the Serious Sam games despite everyone telling me I should.

what is the greek encounter?

A top-down, 8-bit "demake" of the original Serious Sam. If only I'd said something about that in the original report, maybe with a link to the mod so people could check it out for themselves, eh?

Actually, I've always thought Serious Sam could work from a top-down perspective...Pity I don't have a Desura account and don't plan to.


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