TERA Developer Fights NCsoft's Lawsuit

TERA Developer Fights NCsoft's Lawsuit


En Masse Entertainment rejects NCsoft's claim that their game was made with stolen assets.

The legal battle between En Masse Enterainment and NC Soft over its new MMO TERA continues, as En Masse's publishing VP Chris Lee released a statement saying NCsoft is is off-base regarding its claim that several ex-employees used stolen assets to create the upcoming game.

"We are disappointed that NCsoft is attempting to mar the launch of TERA. Unfortunately we can't discuss much publicly due to the sensitivity of legal actions, but we do outright reject the NCsoft claims, and we are going to do everything in our power to defend and protect ourselves," Lee was quoted in a post on En Masse' official forums. "To all our supporters who have been anticipating the arrival of TERA - please know that this situation has no impact on our continuing efforts to realize the vision we have for our game."

The ex-NCsoft employees of accused of stealing were found guilty in a South Korean court in 2009, but that verdict is currently awaiting on an appeal. As of right now, TERA is due to launch in North America on the 1st of May, with a European launch shortly afterwards on the 3rd.

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Honestly, with the game tanking as hard as it is over there (constant server merges, insane monthly fees for certain regions, yadda yadda), the outlook for this game here isn't exactly good to me. Not to mention the fact that I can't remember ever reading any good talk about the game or its game play.

And considering again that said ex-employees who did join TERA's Studio were found guilty for theft, I don't know how well that is going to go over for En Masse here, since NCSoft will more than likely bring that up as well.
And of course they'd deny it, obviously it wouldn't be smart to come out and go "Yep we stole Lineage 3 and used it in our game! But we're still going to go to court and fight it, because it ain't theft until you get judged guilty for it!".

Not that I'm saying they did do it of course.

Um, I wish the best for them, but I'm not too optimistic for their success.

Well, I don't wish all the best, but it's sad to see a game die.

I can't remember ever reading any good talk about the game or its game play.

Well, TotalBiscuit did a short playthrough of the demo at E3 or gamescon (can't remember atm) and gave it a postive first impression.

It certainly is far from what I'm looking for in an MMO, so I'm not exactly giving a hoot weither or not they actually succeed. Since NCsoft also distributes GW2 though, I'ld take their side of the argument as they haven't done anything to warrant my ire as a customer.

I'll be the odd man out, TERA excites me more than Guild Wars 2.

No lock on targets excites me. Being able to time my dodges to negate damage excites me. Having AOE on all sword swings excites me. Button mashing combos excites me. Call me weird but watching my hotkeys cooldown does not excite me.

Maybe im just a jaded MMORPGamer but i'm tired of that old ass game mechanic that MMO's seem to want to stick with. I'm ready for GodofWar meets MMO dammit and TERA seems to offer that.

hell if it sux i can always try Guild Wars 2. Plus it has no subscription fees (or so i'm expecting as that was true for GW)


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