Insomniac's Officially Done With Resistance

Insomniac's Officially Done With Resistance

Even though the Resistance series is still ongoing, Insomniac isn't going to be making any more games for it.

Insomniac's fearless leader Ted Price set off a firestorm of comments and speculation when he recently revealed that the studio was done making Resistance videogames. Apparently a lot of people were worried that this meant the actual series itself was finished. As a result, Price took to YouTube today to reassure fans that the Resistance franchise will continue, but it'll just be at the hands of other studios.

Sitting down for a "face-to-face" talk with YouTube viewers, Price clarified what's happening with the series that his company launched:

"We believe that Resistance has reached its logical conclusion - in terms of the story we wanted to tell. However, that doesn't mean the Resistance franchise isn't continuing. It's already in the capable hands of Nihilistic, and with Sony's shepherding we know it will continue to live on and expand. We're excited - as fanboys - to see where it goes."

The next Resistance game will be Resistance: Burning Skies, which is being developed for Vita by Nihilistic Software (though I feel obligated to point out that this studio's track record is way less impressive than Insomniac's). Insomniac, meanwhile, is working on the gleefully over-the-top shooter Overstrike.


Ok so my favorite shooter series is now in the hands of a studio ive never heard of?

You can sense the anxiety, pleasedontfuckup...

This saddens me.

I love Resistance, and I just hope that the studio that's making that game for the Vita won't screw it up.

Curses, it's going the way of the halo franchise :(

I love the Resistance games, they're the main reason I got a PS3. Resistance 3 is one of my goty, best shooter still. This is sad news. Personally though I'd rather the series end properly than another company go all Halo on us and make their own version.

Yay, more time for Ratchet and Clank! Although I do feel sorry for those who liked Resistence. I might be one, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. To much Uncharted.

So, three and out just like Spro and Ratchet. New series time, hooray!

Here's hoping they nail it first time, Resistance 1 and 2 were a bit iffy, especially 2...

Insomniac trilogy of fun games? Handed over to another developer? To continue with a different story on different consoles?
What could possibly go wrong?

Now the first time this happened I was still new to gaming I wasn't aware of the business side or that changing developer might as well have made it a different franchise.
As someone who's not interested in portable gaming I can't really say I care about the new games especially since they aren't anything to do with insomniac. But I won't condemn them out of hand since I've not played anything by them yet.

Anyway hopefully this means more Ratchet and Clank which is almost always a good thing.

Damn, Price, any other company would just release an official statement regarding a franchise. You went in front of a camera and delivered the news face to face with the fans. Mad props, dude. This makes me respect you all the more.

Nihilistic Games... Oh boy. Aren't they the guys that did that dreadful Ratchet/Jak/Sly crossover? As much as I couldn't give less of a damn about Resistance (more of a Ratchet girl myself), it makes me wonder why they gave it to them. Most likely a decision made by Sony more than Nihilistic Games (unless Nihilistic has some Insomniac connections like High Impact Games did).

I haven't heard any word about Ratchet being officially dropped, so I'll just hope they keep their hands on that one. I just can't fathom why they would leave one of Sony's most beloved franchises with something as weak as All 4 One (if it was the glowing beacon of the heavens like A Crack In Time then maybe). They kept him through one generation shift, so let's see. Kinda interested about Overstrike though. First person shooter? Meh. First person shooter WITH PERSONALITY? Perhaps not a day 1 purchase but maybe when prices go down.

EDIT: Also, props to Mr Price. I like the way he handled this video.

This is a sad day :<

I actually enjoyed Resistance quite a lot. I mean I'm glad its going to continue but it won't be the same.

Yaaaaaaaaaay double post :<

Apparently a lot of people were worried that this meant the actual series itself was finished.

If the result is anything like what happened with Spyro, I'd say it would cause much less distress to fans if the series was just finished.

This makes me annoyed, but probably for different reasons than anyone else.
They didn't finish their version of Resistance. The second game hinted at, and the third game smacked you in the face with, the fact that there's another alien race out there. More powerful than the Chimera. So powerful, that they made the Chimera resort to desperate measures by invading Earth. The games kept hinting that there's something worse out there, and now Insomniac decides they don't want to elaborate on that? Way to take the carrot away.
I hope this new studio knows what it's doing, because it's going to have a few questions to answer story-wise.

I'm sorry, am I the only one who heard "moving on to other games, such as Overstrike" and instantly considered this good news? Overstrike had me at a trailer. Anyways... at least in this case the IP is not in the hands of a developer that's swiftly plummeting directly into the ground, and they had their choice rather than a "Screw you, keep the IP, we're out" deal. I'd hope Nihilistic is at least going to avoid turning Resistance into the thing that Spyro has become.

As far as Resistance and Insomniac, I got the distinct feeling that they kind of wanted to be free of the storyline with that last game. Not in the sort of fabled MGS2 "screw over the fanbase and maybe they'll stop caring" way as much as the "We want this series to go out with a bang, and we're going to wrap it up as best we can" way. Sort of like InFamous 2, except with a less depressing ending.

So long as they don't do another one with the Vita, all will be well. We don't need another shooter being milked like Halo...

well at least they ended the series on a high note rather than run it into the ground. but as yahtzee said with halo reach this is not the last wil hear from resistance

At least it's one less thing for them to lose sleep over.

Actually... handing the next part of one of their trademark series for the next installment to be released on the Vita by a developer who's only made 5 games (that no one's ever heard of)?

It was this or it would be another Halofest

Finally the mediocrity ends. Resistance was always an odd fit for Insomniac and whilst the games improved they never really stood out in such a crowded market. The games were... ok but they always felt a little forced. Never quite clicked for me.

Now a propper OTT shooter from insomniac; that i can get behind.

Insomniac always seemed to have struggled with Resistance and what direction they really wanted to take it.

It's good they're getting rid of it to concentrate on a franchise which is more their cup of tea.

I don't really care (and I don't know why anybody else does) to me this series ended with the third one and it was a good ending, there's no need for any more.

Having just got Resistance 3, and it being my first Resistance game, I can say, yeah, I like it. It's good. I like that they recognize that they shouldn't keep milking it, and back out when they're done.

Am I the only one who doesn't want another Ratchet and Clank game? The series has been logically concluded, and it's gone slightly downhill since Up Your Arsenal. First person shooters; although Insomnaics first genre; isn't their best. It would nice to see another evolution is the platforming world taken into their hands. Maybe something that directly correlates with whatever Naughty Dog is working on, hint-hint. Insomnaic needs to stop milking whatever's working for them, and start innovating again. I want more creativity, more humour, and more Stewart Copeland. I don't want family-friendly cuteness, or gritty violent war-games anymore, I want both.

I'm kinda glad. I'd rather they work on projects they are excited about. If they grudgingly made another Resistance, it wouldn't be as good. at least they have the sense to say "We're done with this franchise."

So, three and out just like Spyro and Ratchet. New series time, hooray!

Ratchet is still being actively developed by Insomniac, and is well past its third installment. I'm not sure who they gave Spyro to, but needless to say, we got Skylanders out of it, so giving resistance to another dev could turn out badly.

Although I really hope that they start up a new series. I'm always a fan of Insomniac's stuff, so their next game could be really good.

On to Overstrike then, lol. The years with the Resistance franchise were probably one of Insomniac's lower points of their career, (although they were still fine games nonetheless [for the most part]), so moving on to a new IP should be a signal for some brighter and more cordial results to come. They have been hanging in the shadow of their fellow buddy, Naughty Dog, for quite some time now as well, anyway (Anyone else check out the introduction video at the AIAS website? Just thought that was a pretty funny shoutout, lol....If you...know what I'm even talking about, that is...O_o); with a new game in the mix, this just might even out the creases, so to speak.

Although, then again, Naughty Dog was living under the shadow of Insmoniac during the days of the PS2 and PS1, so it might actually be the other way around, in a way...:-P

Life will have little meaning for the Resistance fans out there once Nihilistic Software cocks it up.

OT: Has Valve made a co-op-centric shooter yet? If not, then Overstrike might not be that good either. I kid, really, but I do hope that both developers handle their new toys IPs properly.

I love resistance (especially the 3rd), I love insomniac, and I'm not bothered by this. Insomniac has better things to do, Overstrike for example looks awesome, and while the new resistance games won't be as good, what they've done with the series is more than enough and if someone else wants a crack at it, why not?

I'm sorry, am I the only one who heard "moving on to other games, such as Overstrike" and instantly considered this good news?

That was my reaction but for different reasons. I haven't followed any news on Overstrike so I really couldn't care about that right now, I'm just glad that they're not making this series anymore. I still haven't played Resistance 3 so I can't say if it was any good or not, but as someone who thought the the original was a pretty decent first run at a new FPS series, especially considering it was a launch title, it pains me greatly to have to say that Resistance 2 was quite possibly the worst FPS I've played in the last 10 years. Everything from terrible pacing, lousy level design, a story that was so poorly told that I wasn't even sure what the hell had just happened or why I did anything in the entire game, bullet sponge bosses, half-assed co-op and a confusing control layout. The entire game played like something made by a company that had only ever seen FPS games before and had never actually played one, let alone made one.

That series was a terrible fit for them at that point quite frankly, and they basically killed any chance of me playing another game in the series. So I'm glad to see them move on because I think they can do better, and should have the chance to put that mess behind them and do something they can excel at.

Meh, I found it an overly generic shooter, I'm kinda feel it just had enough money thrown at it to make it famous. I have to admit if it wasn't clear in the rest of my post I don't really feel this is a loss at all.

For all of the comparisons, at least there's one thing it has over Half-Life 2.
It's actually released and done.

snip, didn't like Resistance 2

Eh, I agree that the campaign wasn't too great, mostly because of the transition to full-on-regen-based health and only two weapons, but I felt there was a lot to love about it, especially the online co-op campaigns, I felt that those were quite fun. As for R3, it solved pretty much every problem the fanbase had with the previous game and added even more badass weapons to the mix, though a lot of people were disappointed in the story, but at least they wrapped it all up. I agree that I feel it's nice that they're moving on. Resistance wasn't their best match. They got a bit too dark, and Overstrike looks like it'll be a nice contrast for that.


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