Naughty Dog Almost Made Another Jak and Daxter

Naughty Dog Almost Made Another Jak and Daxter


Jak and Daxter nearly made a comeback on the PS3 before Naughty Dog transitioned its team to another game.

If you're a Jak and Daxter fan, this could be a very bittersweet week for you. On the bright side, you can rejoice with the release of the Jak and Daxter Collection on PS3. What may kill your mood, though, is the knowledge that developer Naughty Dog came tantalizingly close to developing a whole new PS3 game starring the beloved platforming duo before opting to work on upcoming action game The Last of Us instead. While the developer hasn't ruled out revisiting Jak and his furry friend at some point, expect to see The Last of Us and probably some more Uncharted first.

"Something that we talked about early on was, 'Lets go back and apply what we've learned with the Uncharted games to Jak and Daxter,'" said Evan Wells, co-president of Naughty Dog. "It's one of the franchises that's near and dear to us, and, in all honesty, we'd like to somehow honor." These talks coincided with the foundation of a second design team at Naughty Dog. Wells initially thought that the new team could bring Jak, Daxter, and friends back to consoles after many years on handheld outings. As time went on, the ideas started to lose steam. "Even if we felt like we're going to give the fans another Jak and Daxter, we felt we weren't going to give them the game that they wanted ... We just realized we were going to just do everybody a disservice."

A new game in the series is not impossible, of course, given that the franchise still has many fans and the company still possesses all of the relevant rights. "Naughty Dog's got a long history and I think it's got a long future, so to say we'll never go back is kind of crazy," Wells assured. For now, though, Naughty Dog fans will have to content themselves with a shiny HD collection, a potentially promising new IP, and Nathan Drake's hair - the one thing at the studio that remains completely unchangeable.

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I love jak and daxter 3 and I'm almost done with jak II(need to go back a finish it)

I hope naughty dog goes back and bring that franchise back. I wish I could see crash bandicoot and ratchet as well. Sly 4 is coming out which nice to see action platformers come back

Like I said in the other thread, I wouldn't mind so much if we hadn't gotten a lame cash grab in The Lost Frontier. That is a disservice to the fans, giving the series over to a different developer who completely disregarded the other games in the series.

My favorite video game series ever. Please, Naughty Dog. Do it. I'll buy a PS3 just for that.

Whatever you do, don't tell Pimpeter about this...

It would be interesting to see them come back to the franchise after all this time, though. I still count Jak II as one of the best games on the PS2, despite being dreadfully flawed, and encourage everyone to check it out. Would be nice to see Naughty Dogs take on the characters after all this time.

Hey, I'm glad. The last thing we need more of is more sequels. Even if those sequels are to great franchises.

But if the choices they had were a new IP and a Jak and Daxter game that they wouldn't be that excited about making... I'm glad they chose the new IP.

As much as my inner fangirl is calling foul at feeding the shooters as opposed to the dying platformer genre in the AAA market, a slapped together Jak and Daxter game I guess would be a worse fate. A bad game by HIG is one thing, but NAUGHTY DOG doing it would feel even worse. I guess it's best to just wait to see what happens later. It would be interesting to see potential upgrades to the series applied from what they learned from Uncharted. The games do have their parallels. Last Of Us could be good too, and it IS a new IP. Looking forward more to Overstrike than this, but we shall see.

And I shall be enjoying my J&D collection tomorrow when I get off from school early.




*huff huff huff*

But...But...I miss Daxter's snarky comments...

"He's new to the whole conversation thing"
<Dax reads a lengthy contract,which includes Krew owning,among other things...> "GAME RIGHTS!?"
"I wouldn't be three feet tall,fuzzy,and running around the sewers without a pair of pants. God,I miss pants."

And then...Pissing off the KG. Just for the City Alarm music.

Hang on a second... they knew that a Jak game would sell well, but they didn't make one because they knew that fan wouldn't be satisfied with it?
I have a whole new level of respect for these people.

If only....

At least we have the HD collection.




*huff huff huff*

Sentiment echoed.

What, in the ever loving Christ naughty dog, why would you tell us this.
Why would you tell ANYONE this.
That is both cruel and...
NO...middle finger...large enough... ngh...

True maybe they couldn't top Jak 2 and 3... but stilll nnnghh.

Like I said in the other thread; as much as I would love another Jak game I support Naughty Dog making a new IP.

I would rather Naughty Dog did a full hearted sequel rather than a self forced sequel.

Do it when you want, just make it worthy of its predecessors.

probably for the best, if you make a game just because your fans want it the game most likely won't be very good.

"Lets go back and apply what we've learned with the Uncharted games to Jak and Daxter"

No... NO LETS NOT DO THAT!!! I don't want Jak to be a douche!

I would definitely not mind seeing another Jak and Daxter game, provided they went back to the very first one's style. The Gunplay of the second and third is nice, but I think the first had the best overall experience.

I would have rather had Jak and Daxter instead of Last of Us, but I can see why they didn't do it. Still, I hope they'll get back to it really soon.

Whatever you do, don't tell Pimpeter about this...

3 comments down:




*huff huff huff*

Had the Jak and Daxter Collection not been released, this article would have pissed in my Cheerios.


Alright, my first thoughts were "Seriously, Naughty Dog? I would take a Jak game over Uncharted any day of the week!". But then I kept on reading...
And I was reminded of The Lost Frontier.

Yeah, I know that game wasn't developed by Naughty Dog and hence why it sucks. But as they were saying, you don't release a game just for the sake of releasing a game that's popular so you can buy yourself a nice car. You release a game because it makes sense; makes sense to the plot, to the continuity, to what the fans want, etc.

So...alright, Naughty Dog. I understand. People, we have seen countless franchises being murdered just because a game is successful (Assassin's Creed, anyone? The games are good but...maker, there's one being release every year!). So I'm glad to see Jak and Daxter survived this. As much as I would love to have another one of their games for my PS3, I understand what they were trying to do.

Now, let's all pretend The Lost Frontier never happened...


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