Play WoW Monopoly and StarCraft Risk This Year

Play WoW Monopoly and StarCraft Risk This Year

The classic board games get a makeover for two Blizzard franchises.

Who of us hasn't begun our illustrious gaming career throwing a pair of dice, passing go and mustering armies in Monopoly and Risk, respectively? There have been a slew of themed versions of these classics in the past - including a fun Star Wars Monopoly variant - but never before have these board games been stamped with the official Blizzard logo. Each features custom-designed pieces, special rules and a board that's rich with the lore of Azeroth or Starcraft. Both games come out this year, which WoW Monopoly dropping in May 2012 and Risk: StarCraft coming later in this summer.

In WoW Monopoly, there'll be Alliance and Horde-themed dice and you'll buy up properties like Twilight Highlands, Grizzly Hills, and the Swamp of Sorrows until you are the last player left. The game can be purchased for $39.95 from any specialty store You'll get a chance to vote on which pieces show up in the WoW game on Facebook, having your pick of six from ten options including Murky, Chen's Keg, Mechagnome, and a Spellbook.

I'm much more interested in Risk: StarCraft, honestly, as the description says you'll be able to pick from the three factions of protoss, terran or zerg. The rules will be a bit different for each faction, and I wonder if it will feel at all similar to the Risk Legacy games I've been loving. There are 290 pieces included in the box, which is probably why the game costs $49.95.

It looks like both games will only be available in North America, at least to start out.

Those prices seem a little stiff to me, so I'm going to need more info on the rules and background of the games before I throw down any cash. Still, I'm intrigued enough to look for these in my local game store when they come out.



WoW monopoly? Do want.

Greg Tito:
It looks like both games will only be available in North America, at least to start out.

Hope it does get released here.

"Go directly to banning. Do not pass appeal. Do not lose $200"

People that play WoW would be the type of people to play Monopoly... I guess...

I look forward to the inevitable table flipping when one marine is able to hold off an entire Ultralisk for six throws.

I already have Pokemon monopoly and Risk on XBLA. I'm set for life.

They should've reversed the two. WoW Risk would be fun imo, supposing there's not already one lol. (inb4 "go play warcraft 1, 2, or 3 noob!" Just not the same as good ol' risk)

Not that I've played Risk yet but a Starcraft version sounds fun. I'd rather play a 40K-style one though.

I want to get StarCraft Risk just so I can yell, "zerg rush!" every time I attack.

Wait, I don't need StarCraft Risk to do that.

So, when we get WoW Monopoly, exactly in how many ways can we grief our opponents and when do we get to the inevitable part where we scream obscenities at that one guy who ran out screaming his name that gets us all killed in this one raid?

next time i play risk ima surgling rush blue protos killing him in 5 moves.

I hate those Monopoly and Risk remakes because they don't really add anything new to the game except some different flavor. Well, having a new map in Risk surely adds a little bit of diversity but do you really need to buy a whole new box that costs 50 bucks because it is based on some overpriced brand? I don't even think either one of them is a very good game by today's standards. Monopoly always ends in arguments and bad blood, Risk is just annoying. There are many much better (often newer) games out there, so better play those.
Or even better, keep your old edition of Monopoly or Risk and buy a completely different game!

Only the Starcraft version of Risk would get my attention and even then I probably would not get it. After all, I have no one to play normal Risk with right now anyway :(

The various Monopoly editions are often just the same game with different cover art and naming. Nothing new or different from the original game.

However, the various Risk sets often try to branch out a bit. The Lord of the Rings risk set not only had a new map but also a couple of new strategy items like generals and strongholds. You could also play with a ring-bearer so the Mordor player was under a time limit to conquer the world.

These sort of innovations keep the game new and help prevent board-flipping arguments.

WoW-themed board...but they left in "Free Parking" with the old-fashioned car? Really? :|

The Risk:SC would be more interesting if I had folks around with whom to play it. Ah well.

The Risk:SC would be more interesting if I had folks around with whom to play it. Ah well.

If you are interested in board games, at least where I live, there is a board game club nearby. I was never there, but I played with some of them at a recent con and they were pretty friendly. I guess there might be something comparable in your region.
Or just play the games online. There are quite a few board games that have made it to (free) online gaming. I sometimes play a round or two of Settlers of Catan for example when I feel like relaxing from other (stressful/faster) games like BF3.


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