Rayman Origins Didn't Flop Financially

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I'll join the PC port buyers... sigh, had managed to evade Ubisoft for a while, but that game, at that price and with no DRM is just too good.

An amazing game. Worth buying full price.

I'll wait until a steam sale or something. Good as it is I've never been a huge fan of Rayman, and I refuse to accept "We wont sodomize you with DRM this time!" as a selling point.

Holy shit!... seriously?... my eyes do not decieve me?... I already knew that Rayman Origins was coming to the PC, so I can finally play it in HD with a 360 controller (oh the irony), instead of a sideways Wiimote (wich is pretty uncomfortable specifically for this game, by the way)... but DRM free!?, not only that, but at a reduced price!?, heck, the price at wich would've been sold in the first place!??

Are we talking about the same company here?, because if we do, I'll buy this in less than a heartbeat, heck, the first chance I get enough money, I'll make sure to preorder this!. Or wait for a potential Steam release. Heck, this may be the only UbiSoft game (for PC) that I'm seriously interested in this generation.

The thing you really need to watch out for is the DRM. Don't forget, Ubisoft claimed that From Dust wouldn't have DRM of any kind. Game came out and that basically turned into a pound of bullshit.

Well I'm glad to hear it turned a profit because it was a fantastic game. Not quite $90AUD worth of game, but still very awesome.

I just bought (a new copy of) Rayman Origins. It's awesome. Rayman Legends was just announced, too. Things are looking good!

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