E! Management to Control G4

E! Management to Control G4

Comcast plans to consolidate G4's management into E! Networks.

Comcast, one the largest cable and broadband internet providers, has decided to condense the G4 network's management team and place them underneath the E! Networks division. Beyond the expected layoffs of G4 employees, the staff will be relocated to the E! offices in Los Angeles, California.

Ted Harbert, previously the head of E! Networks and Style, has been promoted to CEO of the newly formed Comcast Entertainment Group. G4 President Neal Tiles will remain in charge of G4 programming while working directly underneath Ted Harbert. Harbert stated to BroadcastingCable that Comcasts' goal is to "consolidate business operations," along with diverting administrative resources to improve the content of G4's shows.

Source: TVWeek


Since the demise of Tech TV, G4 has done nothing but go downhill. I cannot think of a decent show to watch on that network these days.

I would love for there to be a Tech Channel on cable though. Maybe G4 will get back to its roots, but I doubt it very much.

For all those interested Chris Pirillo might be resurrecting the old TechTV as UndoTV:


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