Angry Birds Theme Park Takes Flight

Angry Birds Theme Park Takes Flight


The Angry Birds are soaring to Finland's Särkänniemi Adventure Park. Hopefully it's not made of hastily hobbled-together wooden girders.

Because the mobile game, impending sequel set in space, plush toys, board game, shoes, upcoming movie, and Starbucks integration, apparently aren't enough for fans of the vastly popular avian-slingshotting simulator, Angry Birds, Rovio is helping to develop a section of Finland's Särkänniemi Adventure Park into something called Angry Birds Land.

This new section of the park will feature what are currently being called "Magic Places," which are areas where "activities and the gaming world meet."

"We wanted to create a unique themed area and associate it with a strong and well-known brand," says Miikka Seppälä, CEO of the park. "The Angry Birds characters were born in Finland but known worldwide by people of all ages. This is a perfect fit for our Adventure Park. Our goal is to motivate the fans, both adults and children, to exercise and enjoy the outdoors."

Not much more is currently known of the upcoming Finnish facility other than the fact that it will feature Angry Birds themed rides and games. That's right, Angry Birds games themed after the Angry Birds game. That's how far into the rabbit hole we've fallen. More details are expected this Spring, however, so if you're currently a fan of the app and also knees-deep into the planning stages of a Särkänniemi holiday, you may want to wait until April before booking your slingshot.

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Proof positive that in the kingdom of the bland, the one idea man is king.

Are people actually going to be fired out of slingshots at pigs in blocks?

A game within a game?

...Am I the only one thinking: "ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT!"

Instead of Final Fantasy VII winning the "Most Over-rated Game" debate, this should have won. I have played the game, it is no different than the thousands of other flash based ones that have been on the internet for years, some far better in quality than "Angry Birds".

It doesn't deserve half the popularity it gets.

Angry birds theme park, will they be using real ball shaped birds and green pig heads??

I heard about this. No offense, guy who thought all this up, but I think this is fucking ridiculous. Despite the birdiness of it all, the lolcat sez "DO NOT WANT".

Imagine they make a ride where you don a costume and slingshot yourself into a foam castle. How long would that last before some kid breaks their neck and the section gets closed down?

i find it amusing that a angry birds theme park has been announced the same day my dad gets addicted to the game

oh yes, this made my day!

As a Finn, I find this insulting. Please guys, just stop

Roosterteeth already released an advanced screening of the Angry Birds movie trailer.

What sort of attractions will they have? Angry Birds seems like too much of a one trick pony (or bird) to carry an entire park. But maybe I'm wrong.

Capitano Segnaposto:

It doesn't deserve half the popularity it gets.

Dont know if I would mistake popularity with a highly visible marketing campaign. Honestly I do not think its all that popular outside of being in essence a free game program. This past christmas season you saw angry birds stuff everywhere and it really did not seem as if there was some sort of huge rush for it or any sort of shortage of it.

Also, misleading title is misleading. "Angry Birds Theme Park Takes Flight" sounds as if there are plans for an entire theme park built around the IP, not that the IP will become an attraction at a pre existing theme park.

It's mindblowing that a ripoff of Castle Clout is so popular.

Maybe I should start marketing my own Tetris-clone with cutesy, angry animals.

Oh for crying out loud, how come nobody has made the larger public aware that Angry Birds is a shameless copy off of a perfectly free flash game?

Pedro The Hutt:
Oh for crying out loud, how come nobody has made the larger public aware that Angry Birds is a shameless copy off of a perfectly free flash game?

Erm Angry Birds is free.

Anyway, Yes it's shit but it had to be done.


Wow... It really is incredible how quickly this juggernaut has risen beyond the niche market for iOS games and has started invading the real world. And that Jurassic Park style Angry Birds logo looks AWESOME!

There was already a a movie about Angry Birds and it was just called "Birds"


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