Lionhead Officially Unveils Fable: Heroes

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Lionhead Officially Unveils Fable: Heroes

Albion goes zany in Lionhead's newly announced four-player-coop title for Xbox LIVE arcade.

Some of you may remember a mysterious countdown which appeared on the Lionhead website in late February. Not many clues were given at the time, save what seemed to be a large red sewing button. Now, about a week later, we know what all the fuss was about. The ticker has reached zero, and Lionhead has announced a new game called Fable Heroes to be released for Xbox LIVE Arcade later this year.

Fable Heroes looks to be a cartoony, action-adventure multiplayer title, featuring a slew of hack-and-slash, boss bashing, and minigame sequences to keep players occupied. It's also a coop title, but more of the "frienemy" sort, letting players team up to accomplish a larger goal, while secretly plotting to rob all the rewards for themselves. Here's the official description from the Lionhead website:

Fable Heroes on Xbox LIVE Arcade is an action-packed hack-and-slash adventure set in the Fable universe, it is a fresh spin on the franchise, taking playful competition to the next level with four player co-op, time trials and leaderboards on Xbox LIVE. In Fable Heroes players work together to defeat enemies while also competing with each other to collect gold coins, which will level up their character and unlock unique items in Fable: The Journey when it launches later this year.

Checking out some of the footage and screenshots, it looks like players will control what the game calls "puppets" (basically micro-sized, avatar-esque versions of some the franchise's most memorable characters) to fight off baddies and compete in a series of minigame challenges. There's one screenshot of what looks an awful lot like some sort of Mario Party board game, and another of four players racing mine carts down what's hopefully an unpopulated shaft.

While Heroes will provide money and items to players of Fable: The Journey, it's also a complete, standalone title, unlike the previous lead-ins Fable: Kingmaker and Fable: Coin Golf. So far, we haven't been told a specific release date, but with Fable: The Journey coming on September 4th, we can probably expect to see Heroes a good deal beforehand.


So it's a game about puppets stringing each other out for as long as possible.

Hey, Lionhead, remenber when you used to make good creative games like "The Movies" and "Black & White" instead of just things related to the Fable franchise?

Can't we go back to those days?

Mmmmm. Ya know, I do rather like the art style of this. Really. I could see myself having fun with this game.

Now, the question is if it'll be good.

I'm not going to dismiss it quite yet, it might be rather fun to play but c'mon Lionhead, why does this have to be another Fable game?

I can't say I'm not disappointed. I was hoping for more Black and White but then I suppose that was quite the long shot. It looks interesting and the art style is nice, but I'm just not a multi-player type person so I doubt I'll care about this at all.

I have to admit, it looks like it could be a lot of fun with some friends.

Ah Lionhead, always finding new and inventive ways to disappoint me.

*sigh* Oh good, I can go back to ignoring Lionhead now.

Oh Lionhead, how the mighty have fallen...

What is this?!

On a serious note, nice to see the inovation that Molyneux and by extension Lionhead pride themselves on is shining even brighter with yet another Fable game!

At least they're not hyping the shit out of this game. It looks like it could be an alright title. Nothing bad but Nothing great. Just something you can pick up every so often.


Lionhead don't want to make interesting games anymore, it seems.

Well looks like I don't need to pay attention to Lion Head anymore.

That feel when there will never be a Black and White sequel...

Dammit, where The movies 2 Lionhead!

Thats the big announcement? Color me meh. Going the way of Lucas I see, Molyneux.

well that was the last stab ,that the potential that fable 1 had, could take. i'm sorry, but can we stop with fable, it has been a really disappointing franchise for me and this is just sad. and when did lionhead studio became fable studio?


When did Peter Molyneux actually start BELIEVING that Fable was a popular franchise? Ever since the first game it has been mediocre at best. I mean, I know he wants US to think the sun shines out of Fable's proverbial backside, but that childish fingers-in-ears defiance does not make a solid business model.

Seriously guys, stop making Fable games already!

Oh put a freaking sock in it, it's a small title that isn't TRYING to be the next Fable. Just a small minigame albeit building on the franchise's name but what's wrong with that anyway. Looks like a fun little rump if played in small segments.

inb4crucifying peter moloyneux

Yay. This does look quite fun. And I do love more or less everything fable related. Still undecided on the journey. Here's looking forward to this!

What is this?!

On a serious note, nice to see the inovation that Molyneux and by extension Lionhead pride themselves on is shining even brighter with yet another Fable game!

thats just franchise abuse, i think we can quite safely not call this another fable game.

That looks absolutely adorable! I doubt I'll get it but it still looks good and I do loves me some beat-em-ups...Hell, maybe I will grab it even if I don't use whatever rewards I gain on Fable: Journey.

You know i would be excited if it was something that didn't look like a really watered down version of Costume Quest. "Hack and Slash" in these kind of titles more often than not means "We couldn't be bothered making a propper combat system. I suppose this is kind of a double standard since no-one cried "Lol you suck!" when Costume Quest was announced but the game at least had some flare (and Schafer cleverly used the E word, being Earthbound) and a real good hook to it, this just looks weak.

The 'I never asked for this...' meme won't sop until devs stop doing this sort of thing; because I was on my knees praying for a new Black and White, and I definitely never asked for this.

looks meh, might be good, might be shit
you never know

looks meh, might be good, might be shit
you never know

Well, if it intends to borrow anything more from Fable than just the name, I think I can guess.

*cough* Shit. *cough*

Why bother with a countdown to unveil that kind of game? Doesn't make sense to me.

Still, looks like a good time. I may pick it up if it's no more that 1200 Microsoft Points.

So basically it's Castle Crashers, only in full 3D. I'll just play Castle Crashers, thanks. :/

I like the art style it looks like the hero dolls from fable 2, hopefully it will be fun to mess about with

Alright now I'm just absolutely convinced that lionhead is actively going out of their way to displease those people who keep asking fable to return to its roots as an RPG...

Hey, Lionhead, remenber when you used to make good creative games like "The Movies" and "Black & White" instead of just things related to the Fable franchise?

Can't we go back to those days?, I remember when they made sucky, overhyped games like The Movies and Black & White. Is that what you're referring to?

It looks like it could be fun. I like the little Jack of Blades. Even though it'll unlock stuff in Fable: The Journey I'm still not likely to touch that game. I love the Fable franchise but this is just getting sad, Fable one was fantastic, Fable 2 was still decent, Fable 3 was only good because I could play couch co-op with my girfriend the entire way through the game. If it wasn't for that it wouldn't be remembered so highly for me. Please Lionhead take a break from Fable or at least make one people actually want to play

damn it, i liked fable 1 a lot. It was my first RPG and my favoutie game on the original Xbox.
2 was okay but not nearly as good as 1.
3 was way to happy family friendley with making friends and "Best" friends and now this?
I wish they would just leave the franchise alone and do something else...

Man. I... im just saddened now. Fable 1 was one of the first games I played when I got my first xbox, and it has been one of my favorites. But 2 was just disappointing, and I couldn't finish 3.

Now this?

If there werent 3000 nails in the coffin already, this is the last one.

RIP Fable

So because a game has the same title but a completely different mechanic people are still so happy to dismiss it. Yes it's a fable game, but from what I can see it's a fable game as much as mario tennis is a mario game. It's just in name. I love how bashing on lionhead is the fun thing to do nowadays. "Make Black and White again or your dead to me lionhead" The last Black and White game was 6 years ago and they've been making fable and the like since. You guys are deluding yourselves if you think they'll make another Black and White.

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