Marvel Movie History For Sale in The First Avenger Auction

Marvel Movie History For Sale in The First Avenger Auction


Superhero movie fans with deep pockets should check out the awesome [and awesomely expensive] Captain America: The First Avenger movie prop auction.

As a loyal citizen of the Empire I've always felt that it's sort of a patriotic duty to not like Captain America, a task made somewhat easier by the fact that as superheroes go, he's about as interesting as paint that's already dry. But if he was my kind of superguy, and I wasn't so atrociously poor, I'd be mighty tempted to throw some money at some of the stuff up for grabs at The First Avenger Auction.

Profiles in History, "the world's largest auctioneer of original Hollywood memorabilia," is working with Marvel Entertainment to offload a bunch of crap left over from the Captain America: The First Avenger movie shoot. More than 200 lots are on the block, including costumes, props, vehicles and other items from the film, and I have to admit that some of this stuff is pretty cool. It's not cheap, though; bidding on the "distressed stunt shield" that Cap carried when he infiltrated Hydra headquarters for the final showdown with the Red Skull, for instance, starts at $3000.

But hey, it's only money, right? And since you've obviously got lots of it lying around, here's some more junk you can throw it at:

- A large, painted portrait of the Red Skull, suitable for framing and hanging high on the wall at Neue Kehlsteinhaus - $200

- The Johan Schmidt Hero SS costume, just the thing for a hot night on the town - $6000

- The "loud jerk in movie theater" costume, because, well, maybe you're a loud jerk - $200

- Steve Rogers' prosthetic feet, because apparently Chris Evans is too much of a sissy to actually run around in bare feet - $300

- A Hydra motorcycle, which is pretty damn cool and thus will be spared any derisive commentary - $4000

- And for the serious fan, the complete Captain America hero suit used in all scenes from the "invasion montage" onward, including a certificate of authenticity - $20,000

Not a fan of the Cap? No problemo! For some reason, the First Avenger Auction has stuff belonging to other Avengers too, like stunt Mjolnir hammers starting at $3000 and a full-scale, screen-used Iron Man 2 "autopsy" suit tagged at $60,000. No, that's not a typo, that's a "6" and five zeros.

The Captain America: The First Avenger Auction begins on April 14. Don't miss out!


i'm sorry, but is the iron man suit now for 600,000 or 60,000? i'm not sure?
but it is a cool auction, though.

"and a full-scale, screen-used Iron Man 2 "autopsy" suit tagged at $60,000. No, that's not a typo, that's a "6" and five zeros."

I'm sorry that is a typo there are only four zeros in 60,000


someone is face-palming right now

Man, the bidding for that "loud jerk in theater" costume is going to be crazy...

1. Buy fake feet
2. Fill fake feet with dry ice so they're smoking
3. ??????
4. No, you're not going to profit, but I can't think of a step 3 that doesn't leat to an awesome conclusion(well maybe 'put them in your bedroom and giggle')


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