Promo Offers 300 Free Microsoft Points for Using Your Xbox 360

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That youtube song is frikkin amazing. Wish that HBO GO was an option, but I guess that I will just sign up for a free month of Netflix instead. Been meaning to get into Doctor Who anyway.

Will never buy another Live point or Gold subscription again, after MS refused to refund me purchases on my account that I didn't make or download. They're as bad as the thieves and corporate fu****s for letting it happen & letting the thieves get away with it. They could easily have cancelled the purchases and refunded the money but chose to keep my money and forgo any and all future purchases I would have made with them for as long as I, or anyone I know lives.

Well all I do is sit on my ass anyway so this'll give me something to do over the Easter holiday ;)

Who needs a life?

I already have Netflix on my TiVo; Microsoft does not need to know what I'm watching.

Then watch something that does not suit your tastes.

Shit, I am probably in the top 50 most paranoid people on the Escapist and I find your logic irrational.

>implying you're not on a government watch list already

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