Make Your Easter A Nerdy One With These Eggs

Make Your Easter A Nerdy One With These Eggs


From zombies to Daleks, these nifty Easter eggs bring some interesting ideas to the holiday.

One of the best parts of Easter has to be turning boring old hard-boiled eggs into fantastic works of art, whether it's decorating them in all the colors of the rainbow or dressing them up to look like a zombie with a chunk of its yolky brains missing. The fine folks over at Blastr are a fan of the latter, and have gathered up a set of geek-themed Easter Eggs that certainly put any attempts I've made in the past to paint up my Easter eggs to shame.

This selection of dressed up Easter eggs include a rather nifty looking Avengers/Justice League team-up, the cast of Battlestar Galactica, an adorable looking 11th Doctor (complete with bowtie), a sinister looking Xenomorph egg from Alien, a squad of heavily armed Stormtroopers (or is it egg troopers?) and the cast of Futurama (and Zoidberg) in egg form.

You can check out the full gallery , and maybe get a few ideas for your own geek-themed Easter Eggs.

Source: Blastr


Well that's just adorable. How fun.

Funny, I did something fairly similar this year.
I made Dante Alighieri in egg format.
That's right: Dante Alegghieri. Har-har-har.
OT: Those are really neat.

I did Portal turrets last year :)

I thought this topic might be interesting, but then I saw the zombie Easter egg.



Others from the link were cute, sure, but you just HAD to pick the FUCKING ZOMBIE as the promo!


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