Gabriel Knight Creator Kickstarts a New Studio Concept

Gabriel Knight Creator Kickstarts a New Studio Concept

Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen has taken to Kickstarter to find support for "Community Supported Gaming" and her new studio, Pinkerton Road.

First, a crash course for the dismayingly large number of you who don't know who Jane Jensen is. Ms. Jensen was a big player at Sierra, getting her start working on the docs for Police Quest 3 and eventually moving up to become the creator of the storied Gabriel Knight series. She's worked on numerous other adventures since the end of Sierra's days, most of them with a bit of a dark twist, and now she's got a new project in mind: a game studio, to be precise, that will use what she calls a "Community Supported Gaming" model to fund its projects.

Unlike other recent videogame Kickstarters, Jensen's plan is to use it to attract supporters for her studio, who will earn various rewards over the course of a year depending on how much they pledge. "We stole the idea from CSAs - Community Supported Agriculture -- where customers subscribe to a small organic farm for a season and get a basket of just-picked produce each week," Jensen explained. "This supports the small farmer while the customers get the freshest food available and a direct relationship with the person growing their food."

The CSG model will work in a similar way. Anyone who joins will get all the games the studio produces for one year, plus various bonuses depending on how deep they dig. Pinkerton Road's first "season" of CSG will run until the end of June 2013, but the number of games it puts out during that time will depend on how much funding it gets. At the bare minimum, if the Kickstarter goal is met, it will produce Lola and Lucy's Big Adventure, an e-book/game for children that's already nearly finished and will be out this summer, and "an all new original adventure game by Jane in the vein of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter" that's expected to be out around March 2013. If the project raises $600,000 or more, a second adventure due later in 2013 will also be offered.

To set the tone, supporters who pledge at least $16 will have the chance to vote on one of three concepts for Pinkerton Road's first game. Other goodies at higher tiers include soundtracks, beta test opportunities, t-shirts, posters, a signed hardcopy of the original Gabriel Knight design bible [that one's expensive] and more. All Pinkerton Road games will be DRM-free and, even cooler, Jensen plans to give each one a "casual" and "true adventure" option, so people who are in it for the story can enjoy them just as much as those who love punishingly obtuse Sierra-style puzzles.

It's an unusual approach and will almost certainly be trickier to pull off than project-specific Kickstarters like Double Fine Adventure or Wasteland 2. But for serious fans of the genre, which is to say folks who are most likely to kick in on something like this, Jensen is very much a Tim Schafer-like figure; she does what she does very well. The Pinkerton Road Kickstarter has a funding target of $300,000 and currently sits at just over $50,000 in pledges with 43 days left to go. I hope she makes it.


Wow... she's really cute, I had no idea she made games along with her dad.

I loved the references and nudges from the Gabriel Knight series, they even use the same music at some point :P

I wish the best for them and I hope to throw them some money for more games similar to the Gabriel Knight series.

Maybe an FMV game, just for ol' times sakes.

Think if I pledge enough to them I could get a date with their daughter? Assuming she isn't like 16, not only would that be awkward, but illegal.

OT: Since there's 43 days left, I will have to pledge sometime later considering all the Kickstarter projects I've backed recently...

I would back something like this, publishers have just gotten in the way as of late.

I'm sorry, but Schafer has nothing on this lady in my book. They're both giants, but the GK series is just pure gold (even if The Beast Within has some of the worst acted FMV in the history of mankind). I happily pledged my $50 for the project.

I think it's gonna come down to Grey Matter 2 or Moebius for me. Perhaps they reach the $600k mark, and hopefully make both. Please make it happen people.

I only discovered the Gabriel Knight series long after original release from GoG, but the first one kept me riveted from start to finish, these are great storytellers.

Please make this happen. She's one talented lady and I hope to see more of her work.

I quite enjoyed Gabriel Knight. But geez, can these Kickstarter campaigns space themselves out a bit?!

I quite enjoyed Gabriel Knight. But geez, can these Kickstarter campaigns space themselves out a bit?!

thats the only issue i have with them. while i want to fund and i get people want to get in fast before they get lost in the crowd. yeah competing like this makes it hard

interesting concept and while im not really an adventure game fan im willing to help them out in a couple of weeks.. must.. fund.. shadowrun first

They're nearing $100k now with plenty of time on the clock, so things are looking pretty good, even with the congestion of Kickstarter projects right now.

There will be a poll to decide the first game concept next weekend (Apr 14-15) for people that have pledged $16 or more!

I was thinking about buying Gabriel Knight on GOG, but goddamn those games look ugly.

Also, I spent a summer in Lancaster, PA. Nice place.

Also, cool video, mixing horror with selling your idea = awesome.

I think Sins of the Fathers looks pretty good still. It's low resolution, but the artwork is solid. The Beast Within is FMV, so it suffers more from 90's clothing than anything else (aside from the red mist that I see when either of the lead actors tries to deliver a line).

Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned though, yeah, it's pretty abysmal. Early 3D games do not age very well. A special mention for the green porridge that represented grass in that game.

Here's hoping that Mrs. Jensen can get the IP for GK to make a fourth game. This time hopefully in 2.5D.


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