Wikipedia Locks Next-Gen Articles

Wikipedia Locks Next-Gen Articles

Wikipedia pages related to the Wii and PS3 have been closed from public editing.

Following recent the recent vandalism of articles related to next generation consoles, Wikipedia has locked the Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, 360, Wii, and PS3 pages so that no further edits can be made by the public.

The brunt of the damage was dealt to the Nintendo Wii page, which was spammed with jokes concerning the system's easily parodied name. Microsoft's page featured an unflattering picture of Bill Gates resembling a Satan-Hitler hybrid. Nintendo's Wii is among the top 10 most revised Wikipedia pages, with a total of 12,780 edits. Sony's Playstation 3 is 21st with 9,894 revisions, closely followed by the 360 with 9,481 revisions, placing it at 25th.

Gamespot was told by a Wikimedia representative that many of Wikipedia's most active users are also into videogames. The spokesperson stated, "Wikipedia has many users who are interested in computer and video gaming (in fact, many of our 'featured' articles--the project's best work--are about games and gaming), and so many people who use the site will have something to add to these articles."


It's been that way for quite a while now, hopefully they'll be able to unlock it after the console war dies down.

On a lighter note, chickens is still locked.

Thus proving that a surprisingly large amount of people in the world have too much time on their hands


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