Boston Mayor Asks Transit To Remove GTA Ads

Boston Mayor Asks Transit To Remove GTA Ads

The mayors of Boston and Cambridge have joined nearly 60 other community leaders in signing a letter asking the Boston transit officials to remove Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories ads from subway trains.

"At a time of escalating concerns about youth violence in the Boston area, it is unconscionable that the MBTA would feature advertising for a violent video game," the letter reads. The petitioners demand that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) remove the existing ads and vow not to advertise any games not suitable for children under 17 years of age in the future.

Citing free speech, the MBTA claims that it is not up to them to regulate any products, their job is to make sure the ads themselves are not distasteful. "As offensive as anyone may find the product being advertised, it's not the MBTA's role to regulate any products, whether they are movies, music, websites, books, or video games," said Joe Pesaturo, spokesman for the MBTA.

The four-week ad campaign covers 100 Green Line street cars, raising over $114,000 in ad revenue for the MBTA.



It's kind of funny/sad that these ads are apparently targeted for the Green Line T trains.

Hey! I took the green line all the time, what's that supposed to mean?

Nothing man. Nothing at all. Oh look! Orange Liners!

Those silly orange liners with their silly hats! :) I grew up in Cambridge actually. I'm kind of glad to see them defending the right to display video game advertisements. I don't know how the mayor feels the advertisement for a game is the problem, and banning it will only create a public backlash and a grassroots desire to see / play it, just like every other banned item in history. But hey, maybe it will work this time.


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