Watch An Inexplicably Excellent Pac-Man Fan Film

Watch An Inexplicably Excellent Pac-Man Fan Film


There is just no way that anyone should be able to make an entertaining movie about Pac-Man, and yet, here we are.

Written, directed and starring James Farr, and produced by Steelhouse Productions, this short vignette is an effort to explain the otherwise non-existent plot behind Namco Bandai's classic arcade title Pac-Man, down to the tiniest inexplicable detail.

Did you know that "Pac-Man" is actually an acronym for "Polymorphic Autonomous Compound MANipulator?" Granted, that's totally not true, but at least it's some kind of explanation for the little yellow dude's name, right? It's more than the arcade cabinet ever gave us.

Unlike yesterday's fan-made Mega Man X movie, this film takes far more liberties with its source material. While I realize that I railed against that kind of thing less than 24 hours ago, in this case I heartily approve, if only because it's obvious that the creators have genuine affection for the original game, and that all of the added bits of backstory are designed to fill in gaps, instead of replace the title's existing canon. This too is a better videogame movie than Hollywood is capable of creating.

I'd also like to point out the almost TRON-esque feel of this clip. I don't know whether it's the graphics or the bewildered military guy, but something about this movie reminds me of Disney's beloved cult classic, and that seems incredibly fitting given that it's based on an arcade game that contributed to TRON's ambience, if not its sense of cultural relevance as a whole.

Bottom line: This thing gets two thumbs up. Fun for the whole family.

Source: Project Yellow Sphere


If this is what our tax dollars are going to I'm paying double this year


Forget my tax dollars. The Pac-Man project can have ALL of my money.

the first half appeared to be better suited for a bomberman movie.

the first half appeared to be better suited for a bomberman movie.

hey, what if they had pac man vs bomberman? that would be a totally rad movie

This... is seriously awesome.


Holy fucking christ that was amazing

Im throwing money at it but its not getting longer I would happily pay for a full movie thats just amazing and has blown my mind

If only I had heard more "wakka wakka"...

Not quite sure how being chased by and then consuming Spectrals demonstrates oil spill cleaning ability; regardless it puts yesterdays MegaMan vid to shame. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of this type of news.

...Okay this is just getting sad. I mean really, really sad.

Amateurs with little budget are making PACMAN, a game about a yellow circle going through a maze, into a cool movie I want to see while Hollywood...they get a video game franchise and a multi-million dollar bugdet and we get...fucking nothing. Nothing. I can't think of a single video game movie adaptation that was worth watching.

Amazing :D Hopefully we'll get to see more of these!


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