PS3 And Wii Sell Out In Retail, Ebay Numbers

PS3 And Wii Sell Out In Retail, Ebay Numbers

While it's no surprise that the PS3 and Nintendo Wii continue to sell out at retail, Ebay numbers indicate that more Nintendo consoles have been resold online than PS3's.

While Sony isn't willing to release actual PS3 sales numbers so far, Nintendo has announced that over 600,000 Wii's have been sold since launch on November 19th. The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess leads the pack in software sales, selling over 454,000 copies during the same sales period. The 75 percent tie-in rate is bested only by Wii Sports, which is included with the console.

Ebay has released sales numbers for both the PS3 and Wii during the first week of availability. According to Ebay, 14,675 PS3 units were sold at an average of $1,186.39 US after the console shipped. If you include the pre-sale tickets, 28,233 total units were sold at an average of $1,369.90. The console is available at retail for $499 and $599 US, depending on the model.

The Nintendo Wii's greater availability signaled a few more sales on the popular auction site. Including pre-sales, 29,451 system were sold for an average pice of $427.82 US. Retailing for just $250 US, the profit margins on the Wii were slimmer than the PS3.

While Ebay has not released any official numbers, auctions for the hard to find $29.95 Wii component cables are currently running anywhere from $60 to $120 US.



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