Gabriel Knight Gets a "Spiritual Successor" in Moebius

Gabriel Knight Gets a "Spiritual Successor" in Moebius


Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen has revealed Pinkerton Road's first game.

Earlier this month, Jane Jensen of Gabriel Knight fame hopped aboard the Kickstarter train with Pinkterton Road, an indie game studio built around what she calls "Community Supported Gaming." Instead of kicking in money for a specific game, supporters donate to the studio as a whole and are given access to a year's worth of content in return, including any games the studio produces [minimum of one per "season"] and a variety of other bonuses depending on the amount of the donation.

To kick things off, contributors were given the chance to choose Pinkerton Road's first game by way of a vote that took place this past weekend. The winner, with a whopping 61 percent of the vote, is the "metaphysical sci-fi thriller" Moebius, a "spiritual successor" to Jensen's famed Gabriel Knight series of Sierra adventure games.

In Moebius, players take on the role of Malachi Rector, an upscale antiquities dealer with the ability to sense "the soul" of an object. After his shop is destroyed in a fire, Rector is hired by millionaire Amber Dexter to investigate a series of mysterious events, beginning with the death of a beautiful, talented young woman found hanging from a bridge in Venice. As he comes to recognize the hidden significance of her life and death, Rector also realizes that Dexter and his associates are "playing with the fabric of life" in ways he never thought possible.

Moebius will be a point-and-click adventure with a "2D grahic novel look" and, as promised, will offer a Casual mode, with hints, a "hotspot revealer" and simplified interface, and a True Adventure mode for fans who prefer a more true-to-life, Jensen-esque experience. The game is planned for release around March 2013 if Pinkerton Road hits its $300,000 Kickstarter funding goal, which at the moment stands at a little over $173,000 with 32 days to go.


Damn, too bad I'm strapped for cash at the moment, so many interesting kickstarter projects that I have to see pass me by...

Too bad her games are AWEFUL...

If it includes the same moon defying logic in the GK series, then no.

Loved the Gabriel Knight series, well the story anyways. The non-existant logic behind the puzzles is retarded, but from such was the hint guide created.

Now we just need another fucking Quest for Glory, or at least a rerelease with the character import feature.

I guess you can say that we never asked for this.

There's a fundamental difference between "I don't like her games" and "her games are awful." Jensen is extremely well-regarded among adventure fans, and for good reason.

Doesn't mean I can't make the obvious Deus Ex joke.

I haven't played any of her games oddly enough, considering I love adventure games.

But that is going to change as of right now...

I reckon Gabriel Knight was one of the better adventure game Sierra released, but then I was more of Lucas Arts fan.
I'd sooner support this than the Larry remake, but then we already have Double Fine now.

Doesn't mean I can't make the obvious Deus Ex joke.

True, but I'm not seeing the relevance to any of this.

so want that .. I totally loved the Gabriel Knight series (though 1 will always be my fav). Gray matter is a really interesting game with interesting writing.

Definitely the most creative pitch video yet. Really fun and perfectly captures the spirit of the games they want to make. I'll have to check this out again next month, provided the bailiffs haven't confiscated my computer. After Wasteland, Shadowrun, Double Fine Adventure and that science fiction short film Dust I'm walking a pretty fine line as it is.

Moebius won by a whopping 61%, so clearly it's the best choice for the Kickstarter project in terms of drawing in more supporters. Still, after reading the concept pdfs, the Anglophile Adventure (WT) sounded really interesting to me, and got my vote. I'm not completely sold on Moebius. Especially the main character feels a bit like Gabriel Knight lite, and there is really room for only one lovable douchebag in my heart. That said, I'm still exited for the project.

Hopefully the Kickstarter is successful, and she'll get around making the Anglophile Adventure and Gray Matter 2 in the future.


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