Rockstar Reveals Max Payne Comic Series

Rockstar Reveals Max Payne Comic Series


Max Payne writer Sam Lake is returning to the franchise.

Max Payne is a great character because he's part of a great story. Actually, it's a terrible story, beginning with the vicious murder of his wife and newborn daughter and leading through the Mafia, the Russian mob, the world's sexiest contract killer, a secret society with ties to the U.S. government and more - and that's just the first game!

Fortunately for those who don't know their Vinnie Gognittis from their Vladimir Lems, Rockstar and Marvel are putting together a three-part Max Payne comic series that will look closer at Max's early years and the events "in and around" the first two games that led up to Max Payne 3. The books will be penciled and inked by Fernando Blanco, who's worked on numerous titles for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and others, and sport cover art by Greg Horn.

But the really exciting news is that the book will be co-written by Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser and Sam Lake of Remedy, the man who actually created the character and wrote the scripts for the first two games. Lake also portrayed the character in the original Max Payne, and his presence promises to give the series a big credibility boost with old-time fans of the franchise.

The Max Payne mini-series will be released as a free digital comic via the Rockstar Newswire, the Max Payne 3 website and "additional digital comic channels," and will also get a limited print run. The first issue, "After the Fall," is expected to come out in the next few weeks.


Shut up and take my-

Wait, it's free?!

Well hot damn Rockstar, you sexy beast. You definitely know how to win me over.

Jizzed my pants

Well this is good news. And it`s free, that`s even better.
And Sam Lake is a co-writer?
Really looking forward to this!

It's funny that Marvel is publishing a Detective Comic.

image GIFSoup

Max Payne comic? Written by Sam Lake?

And it's free?

I really, really hope this turns out awesome. The series is just too good to deserve being sullied, and Max Payne 3 is already playing havoc with my expectations...

I've played through the first 2 a billion times and I'll read this still.

You ever get the feeling that Rockstar is just messing with us with this Max Payne 3 thing? They start off showing us fat, bald Max in a wife beater and tell us they're getting a new voice actor, but then slowly peel back the layers until a few weeks before launch the game looks absolutely amazing, we're seeing images and video of Max in New York, and now it turns out that Same Lake is actually involved, even if only in a peripheral manner.

I'm really starting to think we're being trolled.

It's funny that Marvel is publishing a Detective Comic.

Well played, Sir.

OT: R* plays a trump card.
(and one cannot spell "trump" without PR and M)

"Turn around, walk away, blow town. That would have been the smart thing to do. I guess I wasn't that smart."


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