Help Fund Weird Tabletop Roleplaying

Help Fund Weird Tabletop Roleplaying


Lamentations of the Flame Princess could use your support.

The "Old School Renaissance" is the collective name given to a movement of tabletop roleplayers who enjoy the style of play epitomized by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in the late 70s. To the OSR, the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons is a jumping off point for codifying house rules honed by decades of play. (Read this series of articles on more from about OSR.) Thanks to the Open Gaming License, gamers have several options for re-acquainting themselves with the fantasy roleplaying of a bygone era, and one of the most interesting systems is from James Raggi. The name alone is unique; Lamentations of the Flame Princess evokes a much different feel than D&D. The core rules of LotFP have been in PDF form, but Raggi would like to see it printed in hardcover and that's where you come in.

Raggi's campaign on IndieGoGo (a Kickstarter-like crowdfunding website) has a modest goal to print the core rules, as well as bonus goals for adventures written by a Murderer's Row of OSR talent like Frank Mentzer, Graeme Davis and Zak S. from I Hit It with My Axe and Playing D&D with Porn Stars.

If you're interested in helping sustain weird fantasy roleplaying with a healthy dose of horror mixed in, as well as supporting the creative work of dozens of writers and artists, you could do a lot worse than heading over to Raggi's page and contributing a few bucks. There's about 40 days left, and Raggi is already halfway towards his first goal, but there's a lot of bonus material left to fund.

Check out Lamentations of the Flame Princess's page on IndieGoGo.

Cthulu will thank you.


Gaah! could we PLEASE try to stagger these projects developers? We need some money leftover to actually buy games you know!
also little things like food and shelter

The only food a true gamer needs is cheetos and mountain dew (or iced tea, your call) and any shed that can hold the table is adequate shelter!

Greg Tito:
Cthulu will thank you.

And no doubt Cthulhu will too :)

OP: Excellent project guys; grognardia has been raving about LotFP for some time.

Greg Tito:
Cthulu will thank you.

Cthulhu. With an extra h.
Iä! Iä! The Great Old One shall devour thou in thy sleep for this insolence, mortal fool!

Actually, there are a bunch of different spelling of Cthulhu. Since the proper name is actually unpronounceable by humans, any way you spell it is valid.

Anyway - I already contributed to James' last crowd-fund project, the Monolith from Beyond Space and Time & The God that Crawls adventure 2-pack. I'm happy with my PDF for the rules. The new material would be cool, but not really enough to justify buying the rules again.

Actually, there are a bunch of different spelling of Cthulhu. Since the proper name is actually unpronounceable by humans, any way you spell it is valid.

After a little bit of browsing, conjuring and no small amount of divining, it appears you are right, fellow acolyte. I take back my pretentious pendantry at once! All hail the Great Ancient One!

Captcha: "fait accompli" - the Great One is not above irony it seems.

Lol No thanks.

Okay, now I feel stupid.

With Double Fine's Kickstarter campaign, I literally threw my money at them. To me, the concept of helping a company create a game was crazy and innovative. So I fell for it. No regrets; they seem to be onto something.

But it seems ever since that happened, Kickstarters are the new trend and everyone's in on it. Or maybe I'm the johnny-come0lately. Either way, it's getting kinda annoying.


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