PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale All But Announced

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale All But Announced


Sony's long-rumored Smash Brothers-style brawler may finally be on its way.

Rumors regarding a game known simply as Title Fight (a supposed PlayStation-exclusive fighter featuring a wide cast of Sony's most iconic characters) have been swirling since late last year. Yet, unlike most internet hearsay floating around out there, those concerning Title Fight had legs. Serious legs. Everything from the name of the developer, to photos of its team working on character models, to a few actual screengrabs of the game itself seemed to scream legitimacy. So, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that Sony recently registered the domain for and, or that SuperBot Entertainment, the company behind project "Title Fight," has started that whole "post cryptic messages" thing that studios just love to do before a big announcement.

While Sony has yet to release any official information on what PlayStation All-Stars may actually be, or its connection (or lack thereof) to the game previously known as Title Fight, the pieces fit too nicely to be ignored. Aside from the overwhelming evidence that such a game has already been in development by SuperBot, that developer also just so happened to finally start its own Twitter page at nearly the exact time Sony nabbed the two domains, inaugurating the account with a simple message: "Boot sequence initiated... "

If the game is real, and the rumors are true, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale will feature over twenty characters, including Kratos, Parappa the Rapper, Nathan Drake, Sly Cooper, Fat Princess, Colonel Mael Radec and Sweet Tooth. There's also been mention of Jak & Daxter, LittleBigPlanet, and Hot Shots Golf-themed stages, which likely implies the inclusion of those characters as well. Either way, with SuperBot firing up for an announcement, and Sony snapping up URLs, we'll hopefully learn of the actual details soon enough.

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how the heck do you balance for Kratos


Im a huge Smash Bros fan, and would love to see some of my favorite Sony characters meet in a mash up!!

Edit: It suddenly occurs to me that they might try to keep characters from us ala DLC. In which case YAH!! BOO!! SUCKS!!! ... I'll get it anyway...

Sackboy versus Kratos? How is that even a match? Or Fat Princess, for that matter? If it's Sony's All Stars, then I expect to see Cole McGrath and Ratchet and Clank show up, since both of them actually have weapons that could be used for destructive/ridiculous battle royal scenarios, but this isn't Mortal Kombat we're talking here, where we're used to that kind of violence across the board that Kratos makes a feasible inclusion.

Looks like Yahtzee will get his wish, though, of getting to see Nate Drake try and wisecrack his way out of an encounter with the Ghost of Sparta.

No sale if I can't play as Sackboy...

how the heck do you balance for Kratos

The same way you balance for the various demons, gods, sorcerers, mutants, martial arts masters and Viewtiful Joe in MvC3.

Speaking of MvC3, next year there must be a Capcom crossover with this.

No love for Carsh & Spyro?

Three years i have waited for this game. Here's hoping Cole Macgrath is in there.

how the heck do you balance for Kratos

I think the real question here is: How the heck do you balance for Parappa the Rapper? That doggie would own any demon, commando, demi-god or gunslinger imaginable if taken off the leash.

I also just want to say that if "Kick - Punch - Chop - Block" isn't a combo of his, then I'm out.

No love for Crash & Spyro?

Theyre not Sony characters.

I can appreciate Smash Bros for it's use of iconic Nintendo characters. This, however, carries absolutely no such cache with me. I doubt it will be a solid straight up fighter and it certainly doesn't grab me for it's cast so I suppose I'm just not within the target audience.

Oh, and the name sucks too. :)

Anyone else betting this will be Awful? Most of the Smash Bros styled clones usually are, Onimusha should have proven that point beyond a doubt.

Even with a roster like that, this title still isn't hot enough. I recommend Sony put some more Cole on the fire.

My question is does Sony own all these characters. I know they publish games, but I don't think the develop them.

So... who the fuck is Parappa the Rapper, and why should I give a damn?

So... who the fuck is Parappa the Rapper, and why should I give a damn?

Crank up ya speakers, and be enlightened. You're welcome.

PARAPPA THE RAPPER?!?!?!?! Finally! Dred Foxx gets work again! Unless they changed the voice actor, then I'd be kind of really fucking pissed.

Parappa alone may have just sold me this game. May have...I havne't bought a PS3 game in a few years. Let's wait for a trailer then before I put my money where Sony's mouth is or however the Hell that saying goes

how the heck do you balance for Kratos

Easily. Kratos is pretty much just a mook with enhanced physical abillities and a variety of weapons. Consider that when you play the game it's possible for him to get taken down by *fairly* ordinary stuff. If you succeed at the game he fights gods and epic heroes and such, but every one of those characters actually has him as an underdog, and will bounce many players off walls again and again as they learn it.... of course the same can be said of other video game characters.

You should tend to think of him fighting other game heroes and villains as the equivilent of him fighting one of his own bosses (many of whom were heroes), it's a craps shoot, with everyone he's up against bringing their own gimmicks to the table.

That said, I have mixed opinions about sily characters like Parappa The Rapper in games like this. It onlt works for "Smash Brothers" because the serious characters are actually the odd ones out. In this game it seems to be the opposite.

Silly characters are a long standing tradition, don't get me wrong, I just don't care for it.

I'll probably pick this up. I'm a sucker for fighting games. Ditto that if they're crossovers.

Also, Sackboy will CLEARLY be broken. How do you beat someone who, in creation mode, can stop time, and generate a mountain with a single button press?

How would fat princess fight? Is it her guards or is it actually the princess?

Also I wonder how DLC characters will be handled and if there will be an outcry when we find out. I also hope it's not a 2D fighter.

how the heck do you balance for Kratos

The same way you balance Ratchet and the RYNO.

Eric the Orange:
My question is does Sony own all these characters. I know they publish games, but I don't think the develop them.

Yeah, God of War being made by a studio called Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica is probably a coincidence.

This pleases me...

Sony, bust your brains no more!

There's your cast. You're welcome.

Seriously, it's not about balancing your characters. Haven't we learn anything from previous fighting games? Look at MvC3. Phoenix Wright against Wolverine? Tron Bonne against Vergil? In theory, that doesn't make sense; Tron beating Vergil. But it happens.

Now, I shall go back intime and quote my list of dream characters for this game. Make it happen, Sony. Stat:

So, I would recommend:

•Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Sly and one of Sly's sidekicks. Sure, they were all already in Heroes on the Move (It will never be Playstation Move Heroes for me; that's a dumb name!), but they're classics and iconic. You just can't have a game like that without them.
•Nathan Drake
•Cole McGrath
•Sweet Tooth
•Old Snake (In your face, SSBB!)
•Parappa the Rapper. Or even better! Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy! Who else liked the game?! ...No one? Just me..? Haven't even heard of it...? *Sigh*
•Someone from Tekken
•A Helghast (Bonus character?)

And the harder-to-get-but-glob-that-would-be-awesome characters:
•Crash Bandicoot. Because he was originally Sony's pet.
•Spyro. For similar reasons as the one above.
•Dante. Again, similar reasons. And he's badass.
•Someone from FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10, or FF12. Because they're still PS exclusives for the most part (I know about the PC versions, yes)
•Pyramid Head. Because people would literally throw their wallets at you if you did this. Thus, SH was, yes, you guessed it, a PS exclusive at some point.
•Someone from Kingdom Hearts. Same reason as Pyramid Head's one. And not only would they throw their wallets at you, they would throw their underwear and their wives at you too.

The problem here is that only one place, (The Paul Gale Network), has actually said things about the game, and that it supposedly plays a lot like Smash Bros, so im surprised people arent trying to discredit that information in the first place.

Norman jayden...

Add him

You asses.

Where the fuck is Dart from Legend of Dragoon? Are you fucking kidding me, Sony?

How long are you guys going to pretend that the game didn't exist?

How long are you going to deny genuine fans of the title?

Goddamn you, Sony.

I hope this will be more of a brawler like Smash Brothers than a typical fighter. I find the former more enjoyable, even if I still suck at them.

I hope this will be more of a brawler like Smash Brothers than a typical fighter. I find the former more enjoyable, even if I still suck at them.

SSB style would fit a whole lot better that a traditional fighter with a roster like that.

Sackboy and kratos on a compact arcade style fighting screen? ehehehe. The thought is just too silly.

I mean, the SSB hook is silly (in an AWESOME way) anyway, but that'd be too much. It'd work much more practically SSB style.

Saw a video of it on G4. It is very much like Smash, complete with a Sony equivilant of the final smash (Fat Princess' is kind of like Dedede's FYI)

Alright Microsoft, you're next.

It's actually news to me that the game WASN'T announced.

how the heck do you balance for Kratos

You challenge him to a duel with Sackboy. That's how.

how the heck do you balance for Kratos

Simple. Same way you balance for Optimus Prime:

Oh man, I need to fight people with SackBoy.

Looks pretty good actually, will be interesting in buying.


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