TV-Style Commercials Coming to Xbox Live

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TV-Style Commercials Coming to Xbox Live


Xbox Live's range of entertainment apps will now feature regular commercial spots.

As Microsoft continues to gently steer the Xbox 360 towards being just as much an "entertainment center" as it is a games console, we're likely to see more and more hallmarks of non-gaming media popping up on our dashboards. To wit: Microsoft has today announced its intention to start peppering TV and video apps with 15-30 second commercials of exactly the type you're used to seeing on regular old television.

This annoucement comes shortly after Microsoft revealed that U.S.-based Xbox Live Gold subscribers now spend more time using the Xbox's apps than indulging in its multiplayer gaming experiences. Concurrently, Microsoft has seen an increase of 142% in advertising revenue from Xbox Live over the past two years.

"With the growth of Xbox Live, advertisers no longer have to choose between digital and TV advertising - we're offering the impact of TV and the interactivity and addressability of digital in one platform," commented Microsoft's Ross Honey, general manager of Xbox Live Entertainment and Advertising.

"As more and more industry leaders like ESPN work with us to help monetize their content on Xbox Live, TV media buyers win with the ability to extend their standard TV spots to this highly engaged consumer audience," added Honey.

The company also announced that an anime streaming service will soon be made available to U.S. Xbox Live users via Manga Entertainment. It was only a matter of time until the entertainment userbase on the Xbox became large enough to warrant the consistent interest of a broad swathe of advertisers; that time has now come. Just nobody suggest that one day we'll be able to pay to skip them. I'd get too freaked out.

Source: Eurogamer


Can we have the option of watching 90's commercials?

This makes me a sad panda. Good thing I have netflix.

What the hell? I finally got rid of commercial TV. Why would I want it back?

I want the Manga channel in the UK D:

I wonder if I'll be able to use my American account to watch it...

Lame, I usually ignore commercials so it just feels like more waiting screens.

PCs can skip Ads.

PC:3 Console: 0

I just love doing this :). I know, In all seriousness, life is going to be like this one day :/

Don't XBox Live people already pay money for the online service? They're paying for commercials now?

So I'm paying for XBL, and for (in some cases) the subscription to the app, and now I have to watch commercials on them too? If this is going in and everything else stays the same... NO. If it starts making the price of a year of XBL cheaper... Then I can deal with that.

Here comes a fun thread.

I don't have a big a problem with this. I mean, sure, it's a little inconvenient, but it sounds just like Hulu or Youtube. It doesn't feel like something worth complaining about

I have no problem with this if it means, by proxy, that xbox live subscriptions are leaving us. If free apps have ad's, that's just life. If Microsoft start sticking me with ad's on services I pay to get access too, then we have a problem.

Don't XBox Live people already pay money for the online service? They're paying for commercials now?

Indeed it appears so. They should at least open up some of the online services (multiplayer, youtube, FB) to Silver Account holders if they have the adverts everywhere now. And let the Gold Account holders have a cheaper subscription, and access to everything as well as the discounts and removal of ADs. Otherwise its bloody BS treatment for their customers.

Surprise Level: Zero.

As Microsoft moves more into entertainment as a whole, it needs cash lines to justify these moves, and ads are the easiest way to make some cash.

Optimistic me would like to think the the potential rise in ad revenue would help bring down subscription costs, but I will not hold my breathe.

One pays for cable TV and one still gets ads so Microsoft is probably looking at that business model to maximize their profits in their gaming console turned "Better than my set-top box" console.

I would hope the ads also just stay in the applications because if an ad shows up as the splash screen in place of the normal 360 logo, I will be a little upset about that.

That's really quite disgusting. Paying a £40/$60 annual subscription to a service and still having ads on it is ridiculous, especially when I'm almost certain the majority of the apps are exclusive to Gold members anyway. Either lower the Gold membership price, make the ads exclusive to silver members or don't have them. There is no excuse other than 'Fuck Customers, More Money' for this to happen.

But I already have to pay to use those video services, and now you're gonna fill it with ads? Talk about having your cake and eating it -_-

Does that mean Netflix? You're putting commercials on Netflix? Fuck you, Microsoft.

But thank you for the Anime streaming app...

What's next? Ad based captchas to axcess the Xbox Live arcade?

Well, I guess I'll just try my hardest to not buy anything being advertised. All I can really do I suppose. Anime streaming service is nice though.

captcha: face the music

Oh fuck you captcha you cheeky bastard,

What's the matter microsoft? Is that 60$ you take from us every year not enough, now you're ramming commercials into your console?

I'm not the type of person to make knee-jerk complaints about every little change to my usual videogame playing routine. But seriously, Fuck this. I'm already not happy about having to pay to use xbox live, now there's going to be commercials too? I can't help myself from being pretty goddamn annoyed about this.

Hey Microsoft I have a good idea, have games pause every 15mins for ads and so people can't walk away and do something else while it's playing only have the ad run when the A button is repeatedly pressed.

Does that count for netflix too? 'cause that's the only "media" thing I run on my xbox apart from games. Not surprising they're doing this, but it is irritating.

I'm just stunned at this, I used to play things on the 360 (till my 7th one went and croaked) and on top of paying an extra 10 on the 50 dollars a year they started playing ads on your home page now they're going to play TV commercials on your console?

The whole thing about consoles was supposed to be cheaper, easier and all that. Well consoles are really running out of positives for me. They're not cheaper, they're more restrictive, the fees and extra cost on games is getting stupid and now ads on top of them.

I'm pretty sure the PS3 will be the last console I buy considering everything but the start up cost is cheaper on PC, and my 360 controllers have had much better use on my PC too.

fuck it
i started gaming on sony
and now it looks im going back to them once the 8th gen rolls around

You know what Microsoft FUCK YOU.

I hate ads and I pay for gold I am entitled to have no Ads so lower gold sub cost or make all the shit everyone else gets for FREE ALREADY for silver people.

Microsoft your greedy bastards

I really hate how you have to pay extra money to use netflix on 360 when I can watch it on my phone,PS3,PC without having to pay for somthing else hell when PSN was down last year i still could use Netflix

Once again, people wonder why I've had the most fun on the Wii this console cycle, and why I'm actually looking forward to the WiiU...

I was watching a movie on Crackle the other day and an ad popped up every 9 minutes.

That's actually the only episode of Black Mirror that I did watch and it was awesome. As for this news though, I'd just like to add an anecdote and that is that today I had to wait longer for a commercial to play than the video I wanted to watch took to play. And there's an old satirical line that goes: "Television is what is played in between commercials." I fear for the same happening to video games. :(

Well, that's it.
Until now I've been OK with Gold as a product because it delivers better online play than the free equivalent on the ps3. It was also bereft of the main reason to use nexflix etc. the ads.

Microsoft, you have just lost a subscriber for life. I'd post this on your facebook page, but you would just delete it.

Here comes a fun thread.

I don't have a big a problem with this. I mean, sure, it's a little inconvenient, but it sounds just like Hulu or Youtube. It doesn't feel like something worth complaining about

Don't think I've ever paid a $60 fee to use either of those things.

My thoughts:

"Heh, good thing I don't use those stupid ap-

Oh, wait, anime app? Huh. That's...pretty cool."

Still, for now, it's a good thing that I don't use those stupid apps. Netflix on my Wii works fine, and the other apps just don't compare to having a keyboard and mouse in hand.

Here comes a fun thread.

I don't have a big a problem with this. I mean, sure, it's a little inconvenient, but it sounds just like Hulu or Youtube. It doesn't feel like something worth complaining about

Agreed. It's a very small amount of wasted time.

I would hope that those who pay for live are spared.
Or it would be cool if you could get the premium service for free but with commercials.
But I have a feeling that it wont be so kind. At this point they could probably ask anything of the hardcore fanboys.

And they wonder why people pirate things.

I'm not comfortable with advertisements on pay-for services. Xbox LIVE Gold is a pay-for service.

I can understand commercials on pay-for cable, since you only pay the provider for the connection, and the adverts are for each individual network.

With the apps on my Xbox 360, I'm not paying Microsoft for the connection, I'm paying my ISP. If the individual apps, such as YouTube, Zune, and Hulu have adverts, that's fine; but I don't know why I have to pay Microsoft for a LIVE subscription to use services I can otherwise access for free, or pay someone else for. Like Netflix. You can get all these "services" through a DVD or Blu-Ray player at no extra cost, but Microsoft slaps a financial gate on it.

It seems like Xbox LIVE for some of these is just a cash-in for MS, and the advert revenue is just icing on the cake.

But hey, it's Microsoft, if you didn't expect this... you should probably get back to that rock from under which you crawled.

Just 1 more reason people should give up consoles and join the PC master race.

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