This Kinect Basketball Game Could Be a Living Room Catastrophe

This Kinect Basketball Game Could Be a Living Room Catastrophe

Majesco's NBA Baller Beats will have players using a real basketball in their living room.

Microsoft's Kinect system has had its share of casualties both inanimate and alive, and this was just when you were merely waving your arms around wildly.

Majesco, publisher of the Cooking Mama and Zumba Fitness games, is looking to up the ante this winter with NBA Baller Beats, a sports/rhythm title that will be the first game to have the Kinect recognize and track an object beyond the player's own body. Yes, that's right - instead of merely pretending to be dribbling a basketball via a series of awkward bodily mimes, players will be actually playing around with a real, physical basketball in their gaming rooms.

The game itself actually sounds kind of interesting, to be fair. Players will be tasked to bounce the ball to the beat of the music, following a motion chart a la Dance Central, while performing on-court skills like shot fakes crossovers, and between-the-legs dribbles. So it sounds like on some level it could actually be used to practice or improve one's b-ball talent.

I just can't get over how monumentally bad the idea is to be asking basketball neophytes to be playing with their basketball in an enclosed indoor space with at least three pieces of sensitive electronic technology nearby.

(USA Today, via Joystiq)


1) you spelled basketball wrong in the title
2) i feel like watching people play this would be more entertaining than playing the game itself. I guess if you get your money's worth of amusement though, it all ends up being the same

What genius thought that up? Instead of going for the balls they should have given him the sack.

I guess someone is trying to one-up Nintendo's Wiimote-through-TV disaster chain.

What could go wrong!

Funk is back! :D

OT: Yeah, and your downstairs neighbours aren't going to be your friends either.

I think its a brilliant idea. The only retards stupid enough to play this deserve to get thier living rooms wrecked by several pounds of rubber.

That said im calling it now, property damage lawsuits against Majesco when this goes live.

In the eternal words of the Michaels: "I see no other possible outcome."

It's actually a pretty cool idea. And a lot of stuff will break.

Ohohoho. I want this game to be released if only to see more hilarious Youtube videos.

I mean, the idea is cool. But you know people are gonna get their family jewels hit with a basketball. Somehow.


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