Leisure Suit Larry Remake Pushed Into 2013

Leisure Suit Larry Remake Pushed Into 2013


Too much Kickstarter money means we'll have to wait for the new Leisure Suit Larry.

Fans of classic adventure romps got some good news last week with the announcement that Replay Games' Leisure Suit Larry remake had surpassed its Kickstarter goal, ultimately ringing up nearly $675,000 in funding. But like the big twist in The Crying Game, that happy ending brought with it some unexpected bad news: The game was originally slated to be out in October 2012 but will now likely be held up until sometime in 2013.

Replay pledged to add more rooms, more girls and more lousy pick-up lines if certain funding targets were met, but that means more development time will have to be sunk into the game. "We were originally planning on shipping in October but since we have to pretty much design a TON of new stuff (which I think is extremely positive), there is no way in hell we're going to make October 2012," Replay's Paul Trowe explained on the LSL Kickstarter page.

"We MAY be able to make December but honestly, I'd rather launch the game after the holiday season and put a lot of polish (no, not Pole-ish...I said polish!) on the game and make sure we have beta tested it enough to release," he continued. "There is nothing I can't stand more than a game that was released 'to make Christmas' that is just riddled with bugs (anybody remember some unnamed PC games that would ship super buggy in hopes the patch would come out before the game hit the shelves?). "

Leisure Suit Larry fans will almost certainly have to wait until sometime in 2013 to get their hands on the game, in other words, and they have nobody to blame for that but themselves. Nice going, guys.


Well you wouldn't want him to come early would you?

Well you would want him to come early would you?

ho HO!!! I see what you did there.

I'm suprised there are still fans of that series

As a fan of everything Sierra has every done (except KQ 5, 6 and 7, who I deprivate from food and keep locked in my basement), and especially Leisure Suit Larry and Hero's Quest, I'm looking forward to this. I heard about it from this, I had no knowledge of the game previously.

Now I have another excuse to look at naked woman! (and if they've left out that picture of that naked woman lying down in Lefty's bar I will cry myself to sleep)

I'm a big fan of the series, I made pledge, and I do not mind waiting until 2013.
I hope iOS versions are developed with the windfall, but I am ok with the PC version only. Should be fun to replay the old stuff and see what new content the team and Al Lowe create.

I consider myself a feminist as well as a gamer.
I believe Al Lowe does his jokes in a very tasteful and amusing fashion.
There is nothing offensive about this game to me.
In fact I hope to play it soon.
Sex is a fact of life and there is no reason why we have to completely prudish about it.
Every one needs a laugh now and then, including about life's most serious topics.
Laughter is how I get through a hard day.
There is also nothing wrong about 2 or more consenting adults agreeing to do with their bodies as they please.
As long as Al Lowe does not stereo type anybody but Larry everything is cool.
I actually wish Al Lowe the best.

Well, it's probably better this way. They have a nice cushion. I'd imagine cranking out a game within in a year would have been absurdly difficult. (Though, I'm not very knowledge about these games, so what do I know?)


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