Rovio Announces New IP

Rovio Announces New IP


Amazing Alex will follow in the wake of Angry Birds.

Rovio has devoted an awful lot of time to knocking things down. With four entries in its juggernaut Angry Birds series, players have had ample time to knock down every shoddily-constructed porcine fortress on earth and into the unbounded galaxy beyond. Perhaps it's appropriate, then, that Rovio's next game will focus on construction. Amazing Alex, based on Rovio's recent acquisition of puzzler Casey's Contraptions, may just teach kids a thing or two about building things.

While Angry Birds is definitely a kid-friendly series, Amazing Alex appears to be aimed primarily towards youngsters. The game centers on a lad named Alex (contain your gasps of surprise) who would rather put things together than antagonize industrious green swine. Like Casey's Contraptions before it, Amazing Alex will be a physics-based puzzle game with an educational undercurrent. Think along the lines of Gizmos & Gadgets!, but with a modern twist.

Amazing Alex is set to launch in about two months, although release platforms are still a bit of a mystery (smartphones seem like a good bet). Rovio is not done with Angry Birds; not by a long shot. Even so, no hugely successful company can milk a single franchise indefinitely, so Amazing Alex will be a good opportunity for Rovio to demonstrate its gaming chops. It may not get downloaded a billion times, but it could certainly help set up Angry Birds 5, in which the birds must marshal their forces to take down Alex's terrifying creations.

Source: GameSpot


So just like angry birds i can find games all over that where made long before ravio's games?

OT: atleast they not milking ab more then they already do with stuff like merchendise

Looks like a Rube-Goldberg the game

Looks like a Rube-Goldberg the game

makes me think of a less complex the incredable machine

I already don't care about it and it's not even out, that has to be some sort of record. I still can't believe anyone bought Angry Birds, it was good fun for 2.5 Minutes... then it was old and annoying. Also, that is my opinion, and it's OK if you don't agree. I will obviously withhold my final judgement on the item in question till release, but Angry Birds has colored my image of Rovio in a negative way. I just don't think there is anything this company could produce that is worthwhile.... I think I am saying this stuff because it's bed time though... maybe.

What was that thing Yahtzee said about making great things?
"If there's one thing history's taught us besides "don't piss off people named Genghis or put lead in your water pipes," it's that if you're going to make something incredibly good that becomes frighteningly popular, make sure it's the last thing you ever make in your entire life, because otherwise you get to spend the rest of your creative career struggling under the weight of high expectations and bricks."

Yeah. Pretty much that. Angry Birds kind of exploded, became wildly popular. Personally, I like it, and while I think it's cool that Rovio are trying out some new IP, I don't think that it's going to be anywhere near as well received.

I always feel bad for Rovio. Yeah, I know they are stinking rich, but the fact of the matter is that they most likely have nothing to follow up Angry Birds with. They aren't visionaries, they don't have awesome new ideas or anything like that. They were just a small game studio that took an existing niche subgenre (casual games where you toss stuff, there were tons of Flash games like Angry Birds waaaaay before Angry Birds) and managed to hit a few buttons in the consumer's heads that made it sell really well.

And while they did make tons of money off it, they obviously have no idea how to follow up on it. They marketed and merchandised Angry Birds to death and now they're up against the wall, expected to deliver on something new. And they don't have a clue what to do because they stumbled on the winning formula that made Angry Birds a success mostly ba accident. They don't know what it was or how to do it again.

Well, at least that's the feel I get when I look at Rovio...

Am I the only one who thinks this may not be a good idea? "Amazing Alex" just doesn't have the same widespread appeal IMO when compared to pissed off birds and pigs.

Alex should have black hair. It's be more eye-catching based on his current design. The current logo looks distinctively unmemorable. What's with the pastels? You know how kids are all about those subtle hues.

The world's premier Fling-Pissed-Off-Avians-At-Preschoolers simulation.

Eh. That's pretty much how I feel about this.

Mobile gaming isn't something big on my radar, I see it a a distraction to pass time while waiting for the bus or the like.

The fact that Rovio is such an infamous single trick pony is what makes this title both funny and newsworthy. Maybe some intern in the back room raised the point of;
"Erm... Guys? what happens when people forget about Angry Birds? Erm... Nevermind. I'm sure you guys didn't just make one game over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. That would be stupid! I mean what kind of no talent hacks would milk a single semi original idea and base an entire multi-billion dollar company on a single flash based basket of eggs-im going to stop talking now..."

Billy the recently fired intern has a point. Rovio got massively lucky with very little talent... or ideas... or determination... or work... and it's more likely than not that they don't have a fucking clue what they are doing outside of angry avian hurling simulators. Enjoy your one hit wonder.

I'll give it a look. Like Angry Birds, I think the game will be functional enough to warrant the (presumably) 99 cent price tag.

Heres an idea people. You know for sure there is some game like this already out there. Almost impossible not to be. So why dont you go and give your money to that person, who most likely could use it, instead of Rovio, who is stinking rich and doesnt need it?

Way to go Rovio. It's good timing for them to do a new gaming franchise.

Honestly, I wish Rovio would take a break for a while. You know that as soon as they make this game everyone will proclaim:


Before it's out of the gate, people will already be queuing up to by it. While try not to doubt any game before its released... I just wish they would give other IP's and start ups a chance to get the spotlight for a while. As it stands the only IOS games anyone play are:

1. Angry Birds
2. Fruit Ninja
3. Anything by Popcap
4. Anything obscure that you will complain about that I missed, but in actuality most people haven't even heard of.

This almost reminds me of that game Mojang is making... what was the name of it again? I remember something about scrolls, a lawsuit, and a REALLY big number...

Why not just recreate a chronicle of every game ever made but with 4092p graphics. It's not like they're short on the cash to do it.

I clicked the Gizmos & Gadgets link, and was overcome by a wave of nostalgia.

That title is atrocious.
Reminds me of terrible 90s cartoons.

I was expecting something like Choleric Donkeys.

I guess it has been a while since someone has remade this sort of game. But really people, this is not NEW. Just because they slap a name you've never heard on a game, definately doesn't make it new.


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