Unboxing The Diablo III Collector's Edition

Unboxing The Diablo III Collector's Edition

No dungeon crawling required to nab these Diablo III extras.

Diablo III's launch may have gotten off to a rocky start, but if there's one thing that Blizzard does fantastically, it's putting some incredibly stylish swag into the hands of its most dedicated fans.

First up is a nifty 4 gig USB thumbdrive in the shape of a soulstone with a base fashioned after the horned skull of everyone's favorite Prime Evil. The drive includes a full version of Diablo II and its expansion, Lord of Destruction, giving the few of you who never played the sequel a chance to catch up on those earlier battles against Diablo and his evil minions.

For those interested in how Blizzard put together the latest entry into its popular RPG series, the Collector's Edition also includes a "Behind The Scenes" Blu-Ray/DVD combo set featuring interviews of the game's development team. There's even a 208-page book featuring tons of concept art and 3D renderings of the game's monsters and characters.

For the more musically inclined, Blizzard has included the Diablo III soundtrack, complete with twenty-four haunting tracks to get you in the demon-slaying mood (though I'd be wary of cranking it on your iPod unless you're okay with your neighbors calling for a priest).

And, of course, the Collector's Edition includes the game itself, along with a handful of in-game extras such as angelic wings for your Diablo III hero, an in-game pet for World of Warcraft, and a Diablo-themed character pack for Starcraft II.

Check out more of the Collector's Edition on the game's official site.


The second last picture has the Guest Pass code prominently displayed for anyone to use. I hope you gave it to someone before uploading these images :)

As bitchin' as this CE is, I didn't get it because I already was getting the game for free from Blizzard's WoW promotion.

But had I not, this would've been a must-have.

I'm loving the game so much I wish I got the Collectors Edition. I got it free on the WoW Annual Pass, but I wasn't expecting to love the game this much. If I had known I would have purchased the Collectors Edition.

Note: This is the first Diablo game I have played.

I got it free on the WoW Annual Pass, but I wasn't expecting to love the game this much. If I had known I would have purchased the Collectors Edition.

Replace love with like and we are on the same boat. Sigh... well, i guess ill use that dought to go to the movies with friends :D

All I can ever say about those sorts of game editions
Hey! Look at all this cheap shit we can give you for just 4x the cost!
But still, they have made it look very nice

Most importantly, you get reusable black and white dyes for all your color coordination needs. :D


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