US Gov't Won't Pay for MegaUpload's 25 Million Gigabytes

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Did someone say, World Police?

The U.S. Government--"our law is your law!"

The US government has no right to say how they can use their servers, the company should just repurpose them if their not in the US then they aren't under US law nor can the US court tell them what to do. If the US has an issue with it, their government can remind them where their boarders lay.


Carpathia is an American company which drops all of their assets under the American government. So no they didn't world police them. Carpathias data centers if you go to their site is Ashburn, Virginia; Dulles, Virginia; Harrissonburg, Virginia; Pheonix, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; Toronto, Canada and Amsterdam, Netherlands(This one is only available for people/companies in Europe however).
So yeah they were on American servers.

If thats the case then ignore the above comment as yes they would have jurisdiction.
However the government still should foot the bill as their basically holding the servers in limbo.

About a month before Megaupload went down a guy I was working with on a movie suggested we used the site to transfer and keep various versions and files for the edit. I strongly disagreed considering how much illegal stuff they host. His pretty rational argument at the time was since we owned the copyright to our stuff we should be safe.
Man oh man am I glad I put my foot down on that one.


You are probably one of my favorite posters. So informative.

This entire thing has been weird to me because I would think that Google would be no less in danger. Or any other file hosting service.

If the crime is making it possible to access stolen files or storing them in any manner online there are plenty of cache services that should be getting sued.

I dunno, it seems loose. Intellectual Property laws have gotten out of hand and really its just a bunch of trolls running around. The actual content creators are seeing jack from this entire affair.


Actually, Im sure that it is illegal to force a company to lose money while citing legal issues such as evidence in the United States when it comes down to it.

If I was in charge of Carpathia I would give an ultimatum: You want your fucking evidence? you help keep it online or we will use OUR fucking servers how we see fit.

America might try to be the big brother of the rest of the world, but it has a hard on for businesses being affected by 'Big Government'.

Just watch, this close to election season you might see this come up.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure this must be illegal.

It reads like this.

US: "You are doing something illegal."
MU: "Prove it?"
US: "No. Now we take all your stuff."
MU: "Dafuq?"
US: "Now your host must pay while we prove you did something illegal."
MU: "Aren't you supposed to prove the crime first before punishing folks?"
US: "9/11! You wouldn't download a car! The end!"

I dunno, it seems loose. Intellectual Property laws have gotten out of hand and really its just a bunch of trolls running around. The actual content creators are seeing jack from this entire affair.

A lot of creatives were actually quite happy with MegaUpload
Just watch this MTV Interview:

See what Busta Rhymes had to say:

1st of all I am soooo proud of my brother @THEREALSWIZZZ 4 being apart of creating something (MEGAUPLOAD) that could create the most powerful way 4 artist 2 get 90% off of every dollar despite the music being downloaded 4 free...

With labels and companies doin' deals with Spotify and many other companies like it who doesn't give us shit continue 2 do what they do and blatantly show us how much they value the artist with doing deals of such disrespect and lack of value 4 our content...

Or watch this MegaUpload commercial if you've missed it:

Some of them were making a lot more money that way than from the labels.

There were also plans for their own music platform (kind of like Steam, but for music): where artists would get 90% of the money made. There would also be the possibility of offering Songs free and taking money via commercials. They already had partners like Amazon, Rovi, Gracenote, 7digital etc. on board and were getting ready to go, along with the planned IPO. They were also big, as it says "4% of the Internet".

Of course there were other "powers that be" that didn't like that at all.

Really seems like the government screwed up here.

Plus, going after MegaUpload, probably the most legit file sharing site on the planet, was a low blow.

They weren't gonna win against FrostWire or Pirate Bay, so they went after the one that thought it was safe because it was largely legit.

The whole megaupload situation deeply concerns me. From the beginning, they've been working way outside their borders, and now, here they are, screwing an American company out of money, pointlessly! Image the servers, ship the disks to the prosecution and start using the servers again.

One has to remmeber that Megaupload was also charged with money laundering and racketeering, not just copyright infrindgement.

OT: can anyone really comprehend the true vastness of the data we are talking about. 330 some odd years of video!!! It would take a about 1000 people watching for 3 months strait, not mention the support personnel too care for that army.

because in order to know that it is a pirated movie you need to watch it whole?
turn on the file, it starts showing copirighted material, flag it as such and go to next one. 90 minutes has just been lowered to 3, so thats 3 days instaed of 3 months now. sure for each file the time needed differs, but it still does not take the whole time.

Adam Jensen:
ALL OF THIS could have been avoided if they just went through official channels before the seizure. They should have sent a court order to the owner of MegaUpload to delete the illegal data. It would save them ALL a lot of time and money. But no, America has to stick it's violent neanderthal dick in everybody's business without thinking things through. They think they can fix everything with violence and display of power. That never works. Which they should know because they've been doing it for years without any results.
You know, Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Which is exactly what American government is doing. That's what happens when a bunch of old men with 2 digit IQ's are running the entire country. How fuckin' sad and terrifying is that?

not terrifying enough i guess.

from the guardian:

I recently cornered one southern Democratic senator at an event and asked him why he had voted to pass the NDAA. He asked what my objection was.

"It allows the president to detain Americans without charge or trial," I pointed out. His aides had assured him this was not the case, he replied. "Have you read the bill?" I asked. "It's 1,600 pages," he replied.

and the most horrifying thing is that these dumb idiots are on the side with the 'most firepower'.

oh well. guess i'll die in the upcomming iran-usa/israel war....

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