You Are Probably Using Google Chrome to Read This

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You Are Probably Using Google Chrome to Read This


Google's browser surpasses Internet Explorer in overall worldwide usage.

Oh, how the mediocre have fallen. Back in the day, Microsoft's Internet Explorer was cool. Really cool. Then people realized the browser sucked way more RAM and CPU cycles than it needed to, but there wasn't really an alternative. Mozilla came out with the Firefox browser in 2004, and offered the first real challenge to IE's superiority, with tabbed browsing and helpful extensions. Google followed with Chrome in 2008, and with two viable solutions - not counting Safari if you're a pesky Mac-user - the worldwide usership of Internet Explorer waned. In October 2010, more than half of the world used a browser other than IE. Chrome surged in popularity to top Firefox late last year, and this month, for the first time, Google's browser can boast it is the world's most widely used way to view the internet.

According to, the moment Google Chrome surpassed IE was the week of May 7 - 13, when Chrome garnered 32.76 percent of total browser usage compared to 31.94 percent for IE. Firefox lagged behind at 25.47 percent.

Of course, those are worldwide stats. Certain countries still prefer IE such as that backwards nation known as the United States, where as of the week ending May 20th 30.94 percent used IE to Chrome's 27.11 percent.

I adopted Chrome almost as soon as it came out, and I've always loved how it shows the page I want to see without getting in the way. The extensions and applications that run through it now are just icing on the already delicious cake. I'm happy to see the rest of world digs it as much as I do.

Source: Statcounter


I don't mind Chromium, but I'm just so peeved with the (relatively) new Google algorithm that I'm generally boycotting Google things.
I'm sorry, but changing "teaspoons" to "tablespoons" and "Baking soda" to "baking powder" just IS NOT OKAY.

Still, I'm glad to see that people are putting more thought into how they use their computers as a whole, though the Internet Explorer advertisements have been annoying me because they feel kind of like a false advertisement.
Also, they're advertising to me, the Mac user, so I'm just facepalming a bit.

Why, yes I am using Google Chrome to read this. Are you stalking me, titles!?!

Nope, still using Firefox 11 at the moment. Should probably upgrade to Firefox 12 like its been nagging me to.

I'm using Chrome, but I wont soon, I'm in the minority in that Chrome always crashes for me (I mean always and with Youtube, which is a Google site too)... if you go to the Google Help Desk support thingie they tell you that in a minority that gets a lot of error messages and that I should ignore them... well guess what?, they lock my PC up when those erroneous error messages pop up, and half the time it crashes anyway.

I'll ignore those error messages by downloading Opera
*puts on hipster glasses*

Opera here (along with less than 2% of the web ...). I tried Chrome; was just too slow to render pages, and by the time you put on enough extensions to make up for missing features, incredibly weighty.


I'm sorry, but changing "teaspoons" to "tablespoons" and "Baking soda" to "baking powder" just IS NOT OKAY.

Wow, it does that? That could easily end very badly ...

It was going to happen eventually and I'm glad to see it's finally happened! Now, if only that would happen here in the United States.

I'm also slightly sad to see my personal choice in browser (Opera) lagging behind the rest of the pack.

I use Firefox. Not once have I had a problem with it. I tried Chrome for a bit, but as others have also claimed, it crashes a fair amount. Especially on this very website, particularly when I try to change my avatar.

Firefox works just fine for me, heh.

Dear God! Get out of my head title!

While I'm happy to see Chrome rightfully take its place as the best/most-used browser, I've heard only good things about IE9, so perhaps it's unfair to call it mediocre :P

Poor IE seems to have been permanently tarnished by IE6

Using Chrome, pretty happy with it. Fast and doesn't crash, which is just what I want and need.

Though for some reason, like just now apparently, they changed the new tab page from showing my most visited sites to some "fun dial" thing with just links to youtube and facebook. I really hope I can change it back...

And fixed it. Just had to remove some extension.

Recently switched to Chrome from Firefox.

Latest Firefox kept crashing my computer, so I switched to Chrome.

I won't be going back to Firefox.

If by Google Chrome you mean Firefox, yes. I am using Google Chrome to read this.

Greg Tito:
You Are Probably Using Google Chrome to Read This

BTW: Here's a chart you can read.

Daystar Clarion:
Recently switched to Chrome for Firefox.

I spent a good 15 seconds restarting the cogs in my brain from trying to work out what you did reading that. I hope your happy with yourself. And then you edited it so I and only I would suffer - I'm on to you.

OT: Yeah, used chrome since it came out, basically. It's only flaw for me was shockwave crashing, which hasn't happened for a few months.

I use chrome only because it never crapped out on me. I tried both Firefox and Opera for a few months each and I had problems with both.

Why yes I am. For a long time I jumped from browser to browser to see what I liked best and finally I settled on Chrome. I tried to switch back to Firefox for awhile, but I ended up coming back. Now I make my mom and my sister use it, too, because you don't let loved ones use Internet Explorer if you really do love them.

I actually tried out Chrome all last week, but I'm not a fan. I'm back to Firefox. There were a couple things that bugged me:
-There wasn't a search bar (I have at least a dozen search engines saved for the Firefox search bar)
-The "scroll straight to the bottom/top" trackpad motion (on a MBP, it's scrolling up or down with three fingers on the trackpad) didn't work with Chrome for some reason. I'm way to used too that. Not having it feels icky.

But whatever, what browser people use is not a big deal. So if anyone starts arguing about browsers in this thread: We're laughing at you.

I actually read this on IE, only because i'm currently in my college's Student Center and the computers in here only have Explorer on them. Good god it is horrible, how I wish they had Chrome or at the very least Firefox.

I used to use Firefox, but it kept crashing on me and crashing my computer along with it, which was horribly annoying when that happened at least 5 times a day. And yes, I did keep firefox updated and everything, I liked Firefox 6 a lot more then 12, honestly.

Using Chrome now as the title says.


google rises

i like chrome, started using it on day one. I have found some quirky problems with it, but nothing serious. What I love is how snappy it pops on the screen and is ready for input. Firefox was kind of like that in what, 2003 or something? Now its so bloated and overweight I'd rather use IE than a clean install of firefox.

Also, did anyone see that IE commercial?

Fast. Artistic. Fluid. What??? I confess that new versions of IE are not nearly as bad as the older versions- but come ON!

I'm pretty sure these stats are still wrong. When it was last reported that Chrome had beaten out Firefox, that was wrong too and as far as I'm aware Firefox is still slightly ahead. Ars Technia run a monthly article that explained this

What happens is that Chrome preloads the pages of the links on a page that you are in, in such a way that stat counters count it as 'loaded' so when you have statistics based purely on usage figures rather than ownership, Chromes score is inflated quite a bit.

Using firefox and proud of it.I like the layout more

Why yes, I am using chrome. I like the "Chrome to phone" android extension. Also, that many people use Opera and Safari?

I tried using Chrome, but it really did love to crash, so I stopped.

I'm using Firefox, I like that I can even make the upper part of my browser use a Black Lagoon skin. It also has a lot of addons you can choose.

I lament the fact that so very few people use Opera.

Opera is absolutely great and has a really good community, why aren't more people using it?

Used to have Firefox as my default browser,but once they updated to 4.0 and so forth it just went to shit,it was resource heavy to begin with and they made it worse,then comes the layout revamp,which means i had to get used to it again.
So I switched to Opera,does the job well enough as my browser.Chrome just doesn't appeal to me for some reason,probably because when I tried it,it wasn't faster than Firefox to load a page.
I'm content with Opera,so I'm not switching anytime soon.Also it is shocking to me that there isn't a flame war about browsers yet lol

The country breakdowns for Statcounter were interesting. In the UK, IE increased its percentage as Chrome loss percentage, and in the US, IE lost as Chrome gained (in both countries, IE was still top dog).

Z of the Na'vi:
I use Firefox. Not once have I had a problem with it. I tried Chrome for a bit, but as others have also claimed, it crashes a fair amount. Especially on this very website, particularly when I try to change my avatar.

Firefox works just fine for me, heh.

Huh, Firefox is the one that crashes for me. In other news, I feel somewhat embarrassed that my parents still use IE.

Hahahaha. Not only is this old news, but it has been debunked. Watch TWiT once in a while, guys.

Aurora (Firefox) all the way!

It's merely marketing, I'd say. Chrome "sells" due to the Google badge and the massive marketing for it as the fastest bestest whatnotest browser evaaaaah! ... Which is fairly easy to achieve with IE being a pile of shit, Opera not being used by too many people and Firefox being the dev-clutter-browser.

I use chrome ever since I got this laptop... I'm not really sure why I switched then, but I definitely prefer it. It's just cleaner and easier to use, I'm not really knowledgeable about the actual tech-side of things though.


Huh, Firefox is the one that crashes for me. In other news, I feel somewhat embarrassed that my parents still use IE.

I used to know that feeling but then I went in and deleted IE and replaced it with firefox they never knew

Huh. I don't know anyone who uses Chrome. Maybe some day I will check it out. For now, it's Firefox.

Still using Firefox. I'd rather not use anything other than youtube from the google empire. Even that has its problems.

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