XCOM: Enemy Unknown Invading This Fall

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Invading This Fall


Pre-order incentives and a special edition for PC players have also been announced.

We've seen a lot of highly-anticipated games get delayed lately, but fans looking forward to 2K Games' upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown can breathe a sigh of relief: Firaxis' take on X-COM will be hitting store shelves this October.

The X-COM reimagining will be available to US players on October 9, while international players can anticipate an October 12 release. The title should not be confused with the upcoming XCOM, a first-person shooter in development from Bioshock 2 developer 2K Marin, which is expected sometime in 2013.

Given that this is a Firaxis game (a company well-known for its PC titles), it's only natural that it's rewarding its core fan base with a special edition. Releasing at $59.99, it will come packed with a poster of the XCOM headquarters, art book, patch, and some digital items, including the game's soundtrack. 2K also revealed that customers who pre-order will receive bonuses as well, including a returning character from X-COM: UFO Defense.

To accompany the news, 2K has released a fresh batch of screenshots, featuring a mix of both gameplay and cutscenes.




While I still don't like the art style, I must admit I'm really excited about this. And the special edition seems like it's almost an incentive to get it on PC... almost.

Hell yes! Take my money and such.

Wait, special returning character?

So what...a corpse?

It could be my old favourite, Clone Soldier 37. I just gave my troops numbers one game. 37 survived to the end by virtue of being wounded, being in psi-training and lucking out on a high Psi Str score so he never again left the ship. Apart from good ol 37 everyone else at the end was in the hundreds.

The chrysalis (last pic) looked weird. Probably for the best, the old one looked too much like the aliens Alien Vs predator, and could lead to a lawsuit.

That's a chrys? I am so not getting off the damn VTOL now :-)


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