Indie Gala V Supports AbleGamers and Earthquake Victims

Indie Gala V Supports AbleGamers and Earthquake Victims

The new Indie Gala bundle is huge, cheap and supports some really good causes.

The Indie Gala V is a hefty beast, so big and meaty that it actually comes in three stages - like a Saturn V rocket! Yes, it's that big, and while it's not actually that big, it's big. And there are three stages!

At stage one, for the minimum price of $1, you get Making History: The Calm and the Storm, Beat Hazard, Razor 2: Hidden Skies and the Ironclads Collection, which is itself a bundle of five titles. For $3.99, you get to stage two: the previous four games plus Space Empires 4 Deluxe, Battle Mages, World Rally Championship Racing and Bad Rats: Rats Revenge. And for $5.99, or more - and really, for this much stuff you should be paying more - you get all of the above, plus Disciples 2: Rise of the Elves, Puzzle Kingdoms, Ninja Blade and SBX K: Superbike World Championship.

And that's not all! Everyone who pays more than the average will also get "awesome indie music and extra goodies" that will unlock in the second week of the bundle sale.

This edition of the Indie Gala is supporting two very worthwhile charities: the AbleGamers Foundation, an organization dedicated to making videogames accessible to disabled gamers of all ages, and the Italian Red Cross, which is raising funds for relief efforts in the earthquake-stricken region of Emilia Romagna. As always, you can also fork over a few bucks to the developers, and even to the Indie Gala folks who put this all together.

Six bucks for twelve games, plus whatever bonuses end up on the table, is a ridiculously good deal, and supporting AbleGamers and the Red Cross isn't such a bad thing either. I urge you to indulge at


V for il Vivere
Pity I don't have a decent gaming computer or a credit card, I'd totally buy some.

Damn, these indie bundles really seem to be escalating. 12 games? I'm guessing indie Gala really want to get their name on the map.

I may have to buy this.


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