CD Projekt Red Reveals Cyberpunk

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CD Projekt Red Reveals Cyberpunk


The studio behind The Witcher is working on a futuristic RPG called Cyberpunk.

The new game from Witcher studio CD Projekt Red isn't just cyberpunk, it's Cyberpunk, an RPG based on the Cyberpunk pen-and-paper system designed by Mike Pondsmith. Pondsmith actually introduced the game at CD Projekt Red's summer conference, where he said that the studio's work on The Witcher games convinced him it was the best choice to bring his future-fantasy world to life.

The new game is being developed by a second CD Projekt Red team composed of veterans of the first two Witcher releases, and like those games, Cyberpunk will be "richly detailed, non-linear" and aimed at "mature and demanding players" who will shape the game world with the choices they make. Cyberpunks will make their way through the world as one of a wide range of different classes, armed with a variety of cybernetic implants, high-tech weaponry and more. The game will be "brutal where it needs to be," and because the Cyberpunk ruleset is already established and well-tested, the developers will be able to avoid some of the drawbacks that plagued The Witcher, which was built from the ground-up.

The Cyberpunk setting, according to Wikipedia, was first published in 1988 and most recently updated in 2005 with Cyberpunk V3. It's kind of an odd name, given that the title is also the genre, but if CD Projekt Red can do for the dystopian future what it did for gritty high fantasy, I'll be more than happy to let it slide. No word on when this bad boy might be ready for the limelight, but we'll keep you posted.


The Witcher + Cyberpunk = ?

I need to know more about this, the witcher is an amazing game and I can't imagine what kind of game they will turn this project into. But one thing is certain... I'm intrigued.

Of this I am fond.

what happened to the one with the giant dead god mountain? That one sounded interesting.

I plan to get The Witcher 2 enhanced edition after my exams end, I think a futuristic RPG sounds awesome!

We need more cyberpunk genre games out there.

Andy Chalk:



I like The Witcher, but I'm currently sick of fantasy settings all around, so this is very good news.

Damn. Another instabuy from the Polish maestros of grownup fantasy wish-fulfillment.

I loved this game back in the 90's. It was hands down the best interactive interpretation of William Gibson's Neuromancer ever made.

The location-based damage combat was pretty unique and brutal too, although bits of it had issues.

Very interesting turn of events. I didn't expect them to do a futuristic game. I'll be sure to keep an eye on it.

This is a perfect match. I literally can't think of a better fit for the Cyberpunk IP than CD Projekt Red. I do wonder how they'll implement botches though, since they are such a intrinsic part of Cyberpunk.

For someone who barely cares about games at all anymore, and then only for smartphone-based gaming (ok, with the exception of Guns of Icarus Online, Wastelands 2, The Banner Saga and Elder Scrolls Online :-) ), I just got unduly excited.

The CD Project take, not only on the cyberpunk genre, but on one of the favourite RPGs of my youth (which, incidentally, might just be the best generic cyberpunk setting ever realized)? Possibly with the addition of naked, dioded, cybernetically coloured and enhanced and implant-laden cybergirls?

I'm going to need one of the old-fashioned, clunky computer thingies again. Just when I thought I had finally rid myself of their desperate, dying grip.

I just hope this one is a little more user friendly.

There is nothing about this news that I don't like.

what happened to the one with the giant dead god mountain? That one sounded interesting.

I's never was supposed to be done by CDP. It's by City Interactive, the only links to CDP is that they also are Polish company and Tom Gop, who was working in Witcher, is working in City Interactive now and on that project.

Huh, i've never gotten an erection that fast. Do you think I should see a doctor?
Anyway, this sounds balls to the walls fucking awesome. Not enough cyberpunk in my diet. So glad that CDP are the ones giving me my next helping.

Well that's good. I tried the Witcher but absoutely hated the setting. I might be interested in this.


I respectfully ask where exactly would you prefer to have my IV of money located so that I may begin streaming it to you now.

It's time to chip in!!!

Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Captcha: smashed potatoe, mmmmm my favourite.



CD Projekt is one of my favorite newer game companies and Cyberpunk? Well, Cyberpunk is always badass!

FINALLY! I like the work that this studio does, but I just can't get into The Witcher plot or characters in the slightest. It's about time they're doing something new.

Should prove interesting. I'm mostly intrigued because the Witcher games were really great, and I am anxious to see what similar efforts turns out since I'm sure this game will be nothing like the Witcher games.

This could be interesting and I am a huge fan of CD Project RED but they need to HIRE PLAYTESTERS!

CD Projekt Red really cut to the chase with their game titles don't they?

I don't want to get hyped up before I get more infos on this but now that I think about it, I've played way too many fantasy games lately. A change is sure nice and I love the Witcher and the cyberpunk genre, I have high hopes for this.

Huh, i've never gotten an erection that fast. Do you think I should see a doctor?
Anyway, this sounds balls to the walls fucking awesome. Not enough cyberpunk in my diet. So glad that CDP are the ones giving me my next helping.

only if it persists through the development cycle and four hours after you beat the game.

Then you should replay it just to make sure, if it is still up, go see a doctor.


I like Cyberpunk games. Unfortunately the past few have been 'meh', and the fact its going to be a RPG makes it even better.

Fuck gnomes and barbarians, I want Deckers and Street Samurai's.

As a big fan of cyberpunk settings, I really hope this comes to consoles.

For the first time in a while, gaming news have made me spill something in my pants.

Interesting....very interesting

So on the stream they talked about using the mechanics from the original, now I never played the PnP game so I'm not totally certain about the mechanics but CDproject are pretty good about their soucre material and the idea of a AAA turn based RPG, or at least Real time with pause. Now that has me very interested that plus running looking as camp as the chap in the concept art :D

Deus Ex: Human Revolution and EYE left me wanting more cyberpunk. I'm glad CD-Project are making this game. I'm looking forward to hear more about it.

As long as the combat is more fun than the Witchers I am totally game, not enough cyberpunk for my tastes...

There is nothing about this news that I don't like.

Same here.

Of all the developers who want to throw about the "world-shaping choices" mantra for their games, CD Projekt is the only one to really give us that kind of power recently. It doesn't help that they also have the sweetest ideas on how to handle after-launch DLC (free for all!), or DRM for that matter...

And now they are providing us some more sciency fun AND let us create characters? It'll be hard not wanting to play as Geralt, but I likey...

I'm pretty ambivalent to cyberpunk, but any new CDR IPs is a good thing, I just love those guys.

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