New Humble Indie Bundle Will Blow You Away - UPDATED

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New Humble Indie Bundle Will Blow You Away - UPDATED

It's Psychonauts, Amnesia and more in the best Humble Bundle ever.

We've seen a lot of indie game bundles come and go, some good, some great and a few pretty forgettable, but I don't think any of them can compare to the Humble Indie Bundle V. Check it out: Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Psychonauts, Limbo and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, all in a pay-what-you-want package, with a bonus of Bastion for anyone who pays more than the extra. And on top of all that, you get soundtracks in FLAC and MP3 format for all of them.

I'm not sure how to convey the sheer awesomeness of this deal without dropping f-bombs everywhere, but I'm not allowed to do that so I'll just do my best. Amnesia is one of the most balls-out frightening games of all time, the sort of thing that most people can't finish because it's so horrifically unpleasant; Psychonauts is Tim Schafer's masterpiece, an unparalleled work of brilliance and flat-out hilarity; Limbo is a stunning exercise in atmospheric 2-D platforming and puzzle-solving; and I've never actually played Sword & Sworcery or Bastion, but I hear they're pretty good too.

As always, the Humble Indie Bundle V lets you split your money in whatever portions you wish between the developers, the Humble Bundle team, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play, and anyone who pays at least $1 (and good lord, you should be paying a lot more than that) can snag the games on Steam.

I don't know what else to say. Every one of these games is more than worth its regular price, but all five together, for whatever price you care to name? If that doesn't convince you that it's time to throw money at the Humble Bundle folks, nothing will.

UPDATE: Good lord, there's even more. As of right now, anyone who pays more than the average price for the Humble Indie Bundle V - still under eight bucks, by the way - will also get Braid, Super Meat Boy and Lone Survivor, the (relatively) new side-scrolling post-apocalyptic survival horror game that was four years in the making.

If you've already purchased the Humble Indie Bundle V, you'll be given access to all three new games automatically. And if you haven't, why not? Seriously, what are you doing? There's a week left on the clock at - don't miss out.


Too bad I already have Psychonauts and Amnesia...but will definitely get this for the other games...

....I...Already own ALL of those games.

Well, except super brothers sword and sorcery.

Still, if anyone HASN'T gotten those games yet, THEY NEED TO GET THIS BUNDLE RIGHT THE HECK NOW.

yea, Im sure by now people already have Amnesia and Psychonauts, not to mention Limbo and Bastion.

But even I haven't heard of Super Brothers Sword and Sorcery.

....and wasn't the idea of a Indie Bundle to get several relatively unknown indie games out to players for a low price and help various charities while doing so?

Just saying, maybe they should add more games people dont already have.

or maybe people just want the soundtracks, that seems like a more plausible course of action [while gifting the games they already have to their friends too, I guess.]

Think I just had a joygasm.

As of right now...I own 3 versions of Psychonauts...that's how much I love that game...

GOG, Steam and my original XBOX copy...

Wait, what? How did that work? I already have most of these games, and I still want to buy it. What black magic is this, anyway?

Ha! They got the narrator guy from Bastion to voice the announcement video.

Sadly, I already have all those games except for that Super Brothers thing which I've never heard of.

aegix drakan:
....I...Already own ALL of those games.

Well, except super brothers sword and sorcery.

Still, if anyone HASN'T gotten those games yet, THEY NEED TO GET THIS BUNDLE RIGHT THE HECK NOW.

This person speaks the truth, listen to him, and BUY THIS THING RIGHT NOW

Psychonauts isn't really indie, but fuck it, it's an amazing deal for some amazing games.

IF you can, buy it. Well worth whatever price you decide to pay.

Goddamit! (in a good way)

As with others I own everything here. Fantastic move though bundling these super-renowned games to support Super Bros. S&S. Wonderful indie game and everything here deserves to be bought and played for the nominal fee. I'll be purchasing again to gift these games to friends I know haven't played them yet.

Edit: Holy crap! Don't think I've ever seen a bundle sell that fast. 310k and counting with 14 days 4 hours and 34 minutes to go!

I'm just hoping they do the same thing they did last time, and just add a boatload of extra indie games to the bundle later on. Seriously, the last one ended up netting you something like 14 games total.

Why are you still scrolling down through the comments?
Go order this right now!

If this is your first time with Superbrothers or Psychonauts, come and check out these wiki pages of bugs, fixes and workarounds:

If you discover a new fix, please take the tine to add it in (no account required).

Awesome, I already have Bastion, but I really want to try out Amnesia and Psychonauts.

Damn it, I already own Psychonauts, Amnesia and Limbo, but I've kept Bastion in my wishlist for a long time and I surely kept an eye on Sword & Sworcery for a while, because it looked like a whacky, fun little indie title.

It's wierd seeing Psychonauts finally making the status of an "indie" game, much less "humble". I mean, it was already niche, but indie?.

I didn't thought they could top the HIB #4 with Cave Story+ and Super Meat Boy, but this is a serious contender for the best HIB ever.

Psychonauts isn't really indie

IIRC, Double Fine now owns the rights exclusively, so I think you could make the argument if you really wanted to.

Friggin' finally, Bastion without that f#@!ing Steam DRM crap!

And Psychonauts as well... Unfortunately back then I was stupid enough to buy THAT on Steeam.

I don't have most of these. I do have a few extra bucks coming in a few days.

Looks like my credit card's gonna get used like a call girl the night the sailors dock.

I've bought the last few Humble Bundles like clockwork but holy shit. This Bundle is freaking amazing.

The guys behind this have already shut up and taken my money, and there's not a penny they don't deserve.

First Time I've paid over double the required price for a bundle. This is an insanely good bundle.

I'll just say this, Bastion ALONE is worth more than the usual 15$ asking price. So, uh, yeah get it, seriously, get it, Stop reading this and GET IT.

Also that's a pretty cool thing they got going there with the counter going up in real time.

EDIT: bought it before watching the video, It's awesome that they got both the narrator from bastion and Tim Schafer in it. Combine that chocolate with that peanut butter.

I'll buy this RIGHT NOW.

HOLY MANURE THAT IS THE BEST BUNDLE OF GAMES SINCE THE ORANGE BOX. Even though I own half of them, I'll get it for Psychonauts. I'll give like, $10-$20 or something. Man, who would be crazy enough NOT to buy this!?

Gaaaahh. I bought Limbo and Psychonauts on Steam yesterday.

Rather spend that money donating some to Child's Play.

Sweet tap-dancing Jesus on a catfish, that is a great deal.

I already own Amnesia, LIMBO, and Psychonaughts, but Bastion is something I've wanted for a while now. The Humble Bundle folks now have my money. I've never bought one of these before. No better time to start than now!

Gaaaahh. I bought Limbo and Psychonauts on Steam yesterday.

Rather spend that money donating some to Child's Play.

Ah but the great thing about this is you can choose how the money you spend is distributed. So if you want all the money you spend to go to child's play you can.

You can NEVER have too much Psychonauts.

I have looked at ALL of theese games but since my PC gets all tangled up if I try and run fancy flash games on it, I've held of. But I'm bying the shit out of this bundle. I can use my roomats PC untill Inget a decent one caus I'll never get a deal like this.
Felt bad that I only paid 10$ for this, but since it's summer and I'm a student this is what I refer to as "ramen season", and atleast I paid a few bucks more than average.

The Bastion soundtrack is really what sold me on the bundle. I love that bloody music so much, i honestly can't stop listening.

Hell, I'd pay the asking price for just the Bastion soundtrack.

Incredibly wonderful combo; people would be stupid not to pick this up.

I already owned all of these games and bought the bundle just for the soundtracks.

Andy: It is your duty as a game journalist to play Bastion right now. It is an exceptional game and probably the best of the bundle.


Just saying, maybe they should add more games people dont already have.

They've done that pretty much 5 times now. This indie bundle is a goddamn godsend, also, it will likely give more money to the charities, which is always good.

Yeah. You need to go buy this. now. If not for you then for someone who wouldn't get it on their own.

Tim Shafer is officially an indie God.

forking hail, thy deserve my money just for offering such a bundle.

I'm downloading everything through Steam now, and still not really believing I got all that for less than 20€. o_O

I haven't bought any of the other HumbleBundles. I will not make that mistake again.

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