Help Ghouls Kill the Historically Doomed in Dreadline

Help Ghouls Kill the Historically Doomed in Dreadline

Time-travelling monsters enjoy cruise, Titanic passengers not so lucky.

Being trapped aboard the RMS Titanic is one thing, but being jumped by a fanged hairbag while the ship's going down is just funny. Eerie Canal's indie game, Dreadline, is a cartoonish slice of gallows humour that has monsters savaging passengers aboard the most luxurious boat afloat, moments before the iceberg hits. What's worse, the game seems to ask - the fact that the passengers are doomed anyway, or that a supernatural fiend ripped their heads off before they had a chance to drown?

"We're all afraid of dying," says Bryn Bennett, co-founder of Eerie Canal, and that's part of the fun. In Dreadline, the players are Ghost, Mummy, Candice Lupus, and Cubrik - my fave - as they roam the disaster zone seeking prey. While a scraggly, flop-haired artist named Jack isn't one of their victims, more's the pity, they do rack up an impressive body count. Bennett likens the idea to Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies, a series in which gruesomely humorous things happen to small children. The Tinies poked fun at parents fears for their children, spiking mundane dread with more outrageous disasters. Here, Bennett gets a chuckle out of tragedy, by adding crazy ghouls to an ice-filled evening.

"You're controlling a group of monsters who are doing absolutely terrible things to people," Bennett notes. "We have been very careful to make the monsters as 'lovable' as possible, and to keep the violence cartoony." Cartoony like the Addams Family, by the look of things, but, loveable or not, there are, and will probably always be, people who won't let Mummy give them a heartwarming hug.

There's no firm release date yet, nor have the mechanics been explained. It would seem Ghost has a yen for hearts, but whether that fits in with the mechanics or is a personal quirk is anyone's guess. Dreadline is tentatively scheduled for early next year, so with luck Cubrik will get to run riot in First Class before long.

Source: Eerie Canal, Gamasutra


Looks like it could be amusing, reminds me of the old movie "Millenium" but with the time travellers using the disasters as excuses for murder rampages, rather than to rescue people for the future. :)

To be honest I'd need to see more about the actual gameplay before I decided if it was going to be worth playing.

As far as doing things in a cartoony style... well, I always feel that's a cop out. I prefer a serious take on horror (so to speak). As absurd as the premise is, if I'm going to play a monster stalking people, I'd kind of rather it be akin to one of the horror movies I watch with monsters stalking people, rather than a cutesy parody. Horror is a niche genere to begin with, and I feel one of the reasons why it hasn't taken off better in video games is that there are so few people willing to even try and do it right. This game is likely to do no better than get a niche within a niche (so to speak).


That looks hilarious! And the premise is delightfully twisted. I'm keeping an eye on this one for sure.

Sorry my whole body conjured up a "MEH!" when I saw this.

This does not tickle my interest

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Oh, I see. Let's just take quite possibly the single greatest maritime disaster in human history which clocked up a higher body-count than I managed to the last time a Resident Evil movie was released, and make a quirky indie game out of it. That won't offend anyone. Fucking assholes...


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