E3: Xbox Live Goes Big on Sports

E3: Xbox Live Goes Big on Sports


Microsoft is bringing the NBA, NHL and ESPN to Xbox Live.

Sports fans will soon have a few more reasons to smile when they fire up their Xbox 360s, thanks to some impressive new additions that are on the way to Xbox Live. NBA Game Time with League Pass will give basketball fans access to 2400 live games plus highlights, while hockey aficionados can get their fix by way of NHL Game Center, which will serve up 40 games per week, home or away audio broadcasts and more.

For a more general approach to the wide world of sports, ESPN 1, 2 and 3, plus ESPNU will bring SportsCenter, Mike & Mike and more to the service, 24 hours a day and in glorious HD. Like football? ESPN does that too, with Monday Night Football and a barrage of other NFL coverage.

In an extra-cool touch, the system will offer split-screen viewing for watching multiple games simultaneously, and even allow viewers to pick winners, which can then be shared with their friends. For those with Kinect, it will also offer full support for voice commands.

As for when all this sporting goodness will actually show up on Xbox Live, Microsoft didn't put a hard date on it but said that it should be ready to go in the fall.

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Why can't you just admit that the conference sucked ass yet again? xD

A lot of people can, why whitewash it? :P


Well, that was quick. :)

I, for one, I'm psyched more sports will be on Xbox Live, seeing as that's the one part of TV I really miss having cut the cable cord.

I may be wrong (though for once I actually doubt it, go self confidence!) but that sounds awfully 'US-only'...any news of an equivalent coming to those of us in the EU?


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