Civ 5 Mods Now Available via Steam

Civ 5 Mods Now Available via Steam

Civilization 5 mod database gets official distributor.


Civilization 5 is one of the premier turn-based strategy titles, with an expansion, Gods and Kings, due later this month. That said, aside from the official expansion, there are also plenty of mods out there, designed by fans of the game who brought their own creativity to the table. Steam has brought those mods to their Workshop, which means that all players now have curated access to the mod database.

Steam spokesman Jason Holtman called the move fantastic, and said, "We hope that the Steam Workshop will provide another avenue for the many talented Civ 5 mod creators to have their work seen and played by millions of Civ 5 fans."

It works in much the same way as the Skyrim mod community. You can browse, rate and trade mods either directly from Steam, or in-game. Some of them won't work as well as others, but that's what the rating system is for. Tag the stinkers, and praise the well-designed, so that other users won't be led astray.

Speaking personally, I like Civilization, but the main game leaves me a bit cold after a while, and I doubt I'm the only one who feels that way. In the past, I've dipped my toe into the murky waters of mod, but wasn't impressed by a Spanish Civil War scenario, which wasn't well put together. Maybe, now that there's a rating system and more content, it'd be a good time for me to get back into the game - and I'm sure it hasn't escaped anyone's notice, either at Steam or Civilization studio 2K, that this announcement, coming as it does just before Gods and Kings, will probably lure a few back in just in time for the new official expansion.

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Guess I could try a few mods out for a little bit.

And by a little bit, I most likely mean about 8 hours. Suck is life when playing Civilization...

Would have been nice if it had been intergrated sooner but I guess it's to draw in the crowd for the DLC. I always mean to try out mods, but since I would rather play a game instead of spending several hours for the best mods I never get round to trying them. So the rating system should help me wade through the crap for the gems.

Honestly, my best Civ experience is still Civ IV with both Warlords and Beyond The Sword (especially BTS) expansions installed, Civ V is great and all, but it just didn't felt like a better game, or even the same.

I haven't touched the game (Civ V) for more than a year now, I guess this is a great time to return to Civ V and try a couple of mods.

I still rock "Alpha Centuri" I love that game so much. Mindworms? Yes please!

I honestly prefer Civ IV running great mods like Final Frontier or Rise of Mankind to Civ V. Even with mod support on Steam, there's no word on whether or not they're finally going to integrate mods for multiplayer (unless they're planning to make you download the DLC in order to play with your friends). That was easily the best feature of the older games, and I suppose it got lost in all the streamlining they did for the fifth. They've been promising it for years now, but nothing to show for it.

Can you play multiplayer cross platform yet?

In the current era, releasing a game on two different operating systems and having them *not* be compatible for multiplayer is simply laughably inexcusable.

Like another poster said - it's going to be a while before it eclipses Civ4 + BTS, even with the out of sync bugs that constantly plague late-game multiplayer.

woot, does this mean this game wont be such a god awful pile of crap? seriously, from crashes to an AI thats pants on head salt in wounds onions in eyes retarded this game should have never left alpha..


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