Judge Dredd Returns to the Big Screen

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The trailer had me vaguely interested until Mr Dredd showed up. Then it went into cliche overdrive.

Okay, okay, it's probably intentional (at least I bloody well hope so), but how can I get excited about a movie where someone says "It's time to end this" with a straight face?

Is the Judge Dredd brand really weighty enough to make a goofy action movie sell any more than its competitors?

Did you ever read Judge Dredd? It was goofy and over the top.

I'm and damn excited to see we've got a trailer now. It looks bad ass!

Meh,If Armand Asante is not in the movie I ain't watching it.


Not bad. Needs moar Anthrax

OT: They could use this as a good opportunity to reflect on how "police-state" the western world has become with things like ACTA, SOPA and the Patriot Act, but something tells me they won't.

I loved Stallone's Dredd. I think Karl Urban is very underrated as an actor, this film interests me but why shitty 3D? Oh wait to rip me off, already nearly £10 ($18.47) standard without post converted 3D raping me of my money.

No Sly?

No Dredd!

A new drug that makes everything seem 99% slower than normal?
An excuse to overuse ramping effects (300, Watchmen, etc).

Also, why does this trailer feel just like the trailer for Total Recall? It even has that stupid "slow-mo record drawl" sound effect. (0:55 on the linked video).

Also, the Stallone lip thing while saying "I am the law"? Yeah, you're not fucking clever.

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