New Lumines Live! Content for Arcade Wednesday

New Lumines Live! Content for Arcade Wednesday

Three new Lumines Live! downloads will be available for special prices for a limited time on Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday, January 24.

A new song called "Heavenly Star Skin" will be available for free for Xbox Live Gold members from January 24 to February 21.

During the same time period, you can download two different packs of new Lumines Live! content for only 100 points: a VS CPU pack that allows you to take on the computer, which includes a themed skin and character design set plus a bonus skin when you complete the challenge, and a puzzle/mission pack that gives you access to puzzle and mission modes. Puzzle mode challenges you to create specific shapes using blocks, and mission mode gives you specific tasks to complete within a set amount of moves.


Hooray for puzzle and mission modes! I've been waiting for those. 100 points is more than reasonable, and makes up for the basic game's 1200-point price tag.


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